March 17, 2016

3D Casino

Introduction of 3D Casino

So, you know all about online casinos, and if you’re here, chances are you are also an avid live casino player, but how much do you know about 3D casino gaming? 3D games give casinos the opportunity to offer a more realistic gaming experience to their players. This is especially important to a casino, if they don’t offer the live casino alternative. If you’ve been playing at online casinos for a while, and particularly if you’re a repeat player at any one game, there will come a time when you say to yourself that there must be more out there than just clicking a mouse and waiting for lady luck to kiss your lips. With 3D casino games, we can assure you that you are never going to be bored.

What’s different about 3D Casino Games?

3D casino games generally carry very high quality graphics, animation and sounds and normally involve the player with the game through a fun storyline that puts the games in context. They offer side games, and side missions that keep you on your toes and eager to play more. They generally come in multiple languages, and a superior playing interface, making a player feel all that bit more special for playing in 3D. Some 3D casino games also offer a chat feature for players who love a bit of banter on the side while playing.

3D Slots

3D Slots are by far the most popular of 3D Casino Games. Almost every online casino would nowadays offer slots in 3D. These normally can be played with play money or real money, giving a new player the chance to choose a slot that suits his or her fancy and also acquaint him/herself with the slot before placing any bets on it. 3D slots also offer added bonus games and features that ordinary slots don’t. They come with a storyline that gets the player involved. 3D slots are no longer about pulling levers or pressing buttons and waiting around for a win or loss. You have side missions and targets to reach, turning your slot into a fun game, and all the while you are winning money while you play at it!

Other casino games available in 3D

Other than slots, there are a few casino games that are available in 3D format. A few worth mentioning are 3D Roulette, 3D Poker, and 3D Blackjack. It wouldn’t surprise us however if in a few years’ time, every single online casino game would be available in 3D or live format only. The difference in quality between the 2D and 3D games is too great for the 2D to be sustained for long. Players who start playing in 3D generally don’t go back to 2D gaming. They either move on to live casinos, if that’s where their preference lies, or they take the more leisurely pace of gaming in a 3D game.


As is expected, there will be some casinos that require you to download their software in order to be able to play. This is dependent on the casino you choose, irrespective of whether you want to play 3D Casino games or not. Also, you may want to check out which casinos work on the operating system that you’re on. Also, a lot of casinos are available in mobile version, so if you prefer playing on your tablet or mobile, make sure that you check that out too. With today’s smart screen technology, 3D casino games are best experienced on mobile and their crystal clear graphics and touch screen technology that makes playing so much better. Worry not, because MrLive does all your work for you. With our list of recommendations for the best casinos that offer 3D Casino games, you can see which casino best suits you at first glance.

Who provides the software for 3D Casino Games?

As you can imagine, not every casino software provider caters for 3D casino games, but there are a few of the big ones who we absolutely love. It’s our pleasure to bring you the best of what we find on the net, to save you the hard work of having to shop around. In our opinion, you should be looking at 3D casino games by NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming and Microgaming. To give you an example of what games are available by each, our favourite 3D games by NetEnt are Gonzo’s Slot, Jack & the Beanstalk and Robin Hood. When playing at Playtech we highly recommend their 3D Roulette; we believe it’s the best in the market. Anyway, between them, they offer all of the 3D casino games that are to be found in today’s market. Each of them is a huge software supplier for casino games in general, so you would do good to stick with them and watch what else they manage to come up with in the coming months. Casino software is evolving so rapidly that it’s superfluous to talk in numbers of years. We have a page dedicated to our favourite software providers, which you can read from time to time as it’s updated, in order to keep up to date with what’s happening.


We hope we have given you a great overview of what 3D casino games are all about. You would do well to start practicing your favourite games in 3D, since the market seems to be heading towards a predominance in 3D and Live gaming over the traditional online casino games.  So, take a stab at a few of our recommended games and by all means, let us know what you think!