October 19, 2015

american express

Live Casinos with Amex


American Express – or Amex – is a ginormous multinational corporation offering a range of financial services in several markets across the world. Despite offering a variety of services, the brand is most known for its credit card.

How big is Amex exactly? Well, its total assets are valued at approximately $160 billion. That’s ‘billion’; with a ‘b’! And why is it that an ever growing number of live dealer online casinos offer American Express as a banking option for their members? Simple; it’s one of the most popular banking methods in the world and has been around since before your grandfather’s grandfather uttered his first word.

Having said that, Amex’s availability as a banking option at online casinos does not tally with its popularity in proportionate terms. In other words, considering the card’s widespread use, one may think that Amex is offered as a banking option by every live dealer casino out there. This is not the case. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement (UIGE) Act of 2006, enacted in the USA, deters many live dealer online casinos from offering Amex as a banking option. And when they do offer the option, the financial institution providing the Amex card will sometimes reject the gaming-associated transaction anyway. This is why many online casinos don’t bother with the banking option at all.

How American Express works

Banking at online casinos using Amex is just like doing so using any other credit card. On the ‘banking’ or ‘payments’ tab visible on the live dealer casino’s website, select the American Express option. You would then be required to enter your Amex card details, consisting of the cardholder’s name, the card number on the face of the card, the four-digit security code at the back of the card, etc… It is then simply a matter of indicating the amount you wish to deposit into your live dealer casino account.

Withdrawing from a live dealer casino account using Amex is something of a rarity. Of the casinos that offer Amex as a banking option, few are the ones that offer it for both depositing and withdrawing. In the majority of cases, players using Amex cards to deposit would be required to choose an alternative option by which to cash out. Always enquire about the withdrawal possibilities before making any deposits at online casinos.

An express serivce

Transfer times are a major plus when banking with Amex. Deposits take a matter of minutes to process and Amex users may be playing their favourite live casino games shortly after affecting a deposit successfully. Withdrawals, when allowed using Amex, are also relatively quick. Some withdrawal methods take ages to process and verify, making the player wait for 10-14 working days to see their personal account topped up with withdrawn winnings. Not with Amex. Withdrawals may take up to 5 business days to actualise, but should not take any longer.

Amex client support

Just like its direct competitors, Amex uses multiple financial institutions around the world to distribute its cards. Therefore, it is always advisable for players who require customer support to make their inquiries at the card issuer. People tend to have personal relationships with the staff at their local bank and are likely to be looked after well. Having said that, American Express users may also seek client support directly, through the multiple telephone numbers listed on Amex’s website. Most of these are open on a 24-hour basis.

Closing remarks

Seeing as such a share of the Amex market is US-based, the 2006 UIGE has served to create a situation of discord between American Express and the online casino sector. However, American Express, when available, is always going to be a recommendable banking option. This is because of the brand’s recognisability, its rich history and its reputation for security, speed and superior service. On the other hand, there’s another reason why many live dealer casinos choose not to offer Amex as a payment option. Although all credit cards charge merchants fees for their use, few are the ones that charge as much as Amex does. For this reason, many casinos that lie outside of the US’ jurisdictional reach still choose to exclude Amex as a payment option. Others choose to include it, but slap on additional charges to its use to make up for the relatively high merchant fees.

All in all, if you’re an avid Amex user and choose to play at a live dealer casino that offers the option, it’s as good a credit card to use as any, especially when considering the generous rewards schemes available to Amex clients. However, we wouldn’t advise a neutral to acquire an Amex credit card to play live dealer casino games online.