May 26, 2016

HighRollers & VIPs

Live Casino High Roller & VIP Programs

One of our favorite things about online live casinos is that they welcome everyone – as soon as you sign in, your profession and social status fly out of the window. People of all walks of life come together to participate in something that is fun and relaxing, with the added potential to earn you extra cash.

That being said, while you will never be discriminated against for being a casual player, you can get access to a lot of benefits if you have more cash to burn. The biggest spenders at live online casinos are known as high rollers, and pretty much get treated like royalty. If you think you have what it takes to join the ranks, read on.

Highroller Casino

What Makes Someone a High Roller?
Let’s get one thing clear – you might have a bank account overflowing with cash, but if you don’t actually use much of it at your favourite live casino, you’re not going to be seen as a high roller. Casino staff members are not going to kiss your rump and treat you like a king just because you tell them you have cash.

In other words, to be recognized as a high roller you need to prove yourself to be one. There’s really no way of doing this except by making high-stake wagers and deposits at a certain frequency.

However, different live casinos have different criteria of what makes someone a high roller. Some will have a special high roller live casino Bonus that you can unlock when making a deposit of a certain amount, and this will let you assert yourself as someone worthy of the title.

More commonly, though, live casinos will contact you on an individual basis if they recognize the special contributions you’ve been making to the casino (and believe us, if you are High Roller material you will not be ignored).

You won’t just get a thank you and a pat on the back, though. The rewards are much more substantial than that. We’ll talk about these soon, but first it’s important you know about the VIP programs high rollers get invited to join!

What is a Live Casino VIP Program?

Sometimes, when you sign up with a live online casino, you’ll automatically become part of a loyalty scheme in which you earn little perks just for playing. You might get comp points, for example, for making turnovers of money.

We certainly appreciate and encourage these schemes and incentives, but it’s certainly not what a proper high roller VIP program is.  The latter are much more exclusive and much more rewarding.

Becoming part of a proper VIP program is by invitation only, and the first thing you’ll realise when you’ve joined one is that the program will likely be sectioned into different tiers.

A VIP program is much more than a little club for members to feel good about themselves though – it’s the platform through which high-rollers get access to the best rewards. Live casinos obviously want their most special members to keep playing with them so it’s definitely in their interests to keep you happy, and it’s in your interests to take advantage of that.

The best news is that as you go up the ladder in the VIP program, the rewards get even more exciting!

What benefits do I get as a High Roller?

We’ve been raving about these super rewards, but what can you really expect as a high roller in a live casino VIP program?

You’ll still get stuff you might get in a more inclusive loyalty scheme like comp points, but these will be much higher and much more frequent. You might get comp points literally all the live casino games you play. You will also earn VIP points based on how much you bet that can see you going up a few tiers.

One of the most useful perks is that you can get faster monetary transfers and unlimited transfer amount options. Sometimes the maximum amount you’ll be allowed to deposit or withdraw will be capped at a particular amount – but top casinos understand that their most dedicated players need more liberty!

High rollers also have access to higher-percentage bonuses. These work just like every other live casino bonus, meaning that when you make a deposit, you’ll get an extra usable amount matched to a certain percentage of your transfer (depending on active promotions). The only difference here is that High Roller bonuses will be much more luxurious.

One such type of VIP bonuses is the reload bonus which will grant a high roller extra cash, or free chips, with every single deposit.

Another special thanks given to high rollers are cashback prizes, which are exactly what the name implies – a sum of money returned to you based on how much you invested in your playing time. While non-VIPs can be eligible for cashback promotions, VIP players will have them much more frequently and obviously at much nicer amounts.

Can High Roller VIPS win Real-World Prizes?

The really cool thing about VIP programs is that they won’t just make your online live casino experience worthwhile – you can get a ton of amazing prizes to use in the real world, too!

For example, you might win tickets to music concerts or sporting events. What could be cooler than seeing your favorite band or football team in action just for playing at a live casino? You might even get the chance to see some of the most amazing shows on earth, like Cirque du Soleil!

Other cool prizes include merchandise so you can quite literally wear your love for your favourite casino on your sleeve, electronic gadgets like smartphones, or even whole holiday packages!

What Steps Should You Take to Become a High Rolling VIP?

The bad news is that becoming a high roller is not easy. Not all live casinos have the same requirements for players to pass the rite of passage. One thing that is generally common to all of them is that you’ll need at least four figures in your player account to be eligible for the status.

One of the things we do recommend doing if you’re seriously thinking about becoming a high roller is contacting the live casino staff to inquire about the requirements. Because of the respect high rollers are given, you will probably be put in touch with a manager who will let you know everything you need to. The really good thing about this move is that if the casino knows of your plan, they might keep in touch with you.

After this, the only thing left to do is play according to those requirements. Frequency of play can be just as important as the amount of your bet, so do keep this in mind. Play all the games if possible, including live baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and any other titles offered.

Our one bit of advice to you is that you need to remember that if you want to keep your status as a high roller, some commitment is involved. You’ll need to keep making similar bets to keep getting access to the same perks, so don’t expect to be a VIP forever if you plan on making a high stake bet once or twice.

We’ve found the live casinos with the best VIP Programs

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a high rolling VIP – but if you think you can qualify, we can help!

It’s not the easiest of tasks to find an online live casino that will give you an excellent selection of live casino games as well as a really enticing high rollers’ VIP program. We’ve hunted down several casinos that do both excellently, though, and if you read through our live casino reviews, you’ll find many options that won’t compromise your game experience or your VIP experience.