March 17, 2016

Live Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution Gaming launches awaited live Baccarat Squeeze – Dec 2015

On 3 December, the live casino software maven, Evolution Gaming launched its highly anticipated Live Baccarat Squeeze on William Hill’s, a fitting online casino to launch what is known as the most sought-after game in brick & mortar casinos in Macau. Evolution Gaming is making use of its recently acquired studio building in Riga, Latvia in order to film – using multiple cameras – and broadcast Live Baccarat Squeeze to William Hill players.

Evolution’s Live Baccarat Squeeze brings a highly innovative twist on the classic game of Baccarat. More than 15 high-definition cameras will be used to capture every move on the Baccarat table, serving to provide a highly immersive experience, full of suspense for the Baccarat enthusiast. The game gets its name from the close-up filming of the cards’ live squeeze.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

Evolution Gaming’s Live Baccarat Squeeze heads a range of Live Baccarat variants now offered by the live casino software specialist. Among its Live Baccarat collection are conventional shared and VIP shared tables pertaining to single-camera Live Baccarat, the all-new multi-camera Live Baccarat and of course, the newly-launched and long awaited Live Baccarat Squeeze. And as is expected by any modern live casino software connoisseur like Evolution Gaming, all Live Baccarat variants are made to run effortlessly on desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

Evolution Gaming’s all-new Live Baccarat Squeeze will be exhibited at the ICE Exhibition, taking place in London, England between the 2nd and 4th February 2016 and together with Evolution’s entire new Live Baccarat line-up, is destined for live launch at the end of January 2016.

Evolution Gaming’s co-founder and Creative Director, Richard Hadida, spoke about Evolution’s fresh Live Baccarat offering, saying, “with this comprehensive upgrading of our entire Live Baccarat offering, we have created a totally authentic live gaming experience. All of our Baccarat variants feature bean-shaped tables, cards dealt face down and our new User Interface. These elements, combined with additional side bets and a choice of roads, make the whole experience just like playing at the VIP Baccarat tables in Asia… For many players, the most absorbing and thrilling aspect of Baccarat is the ritual of the squeeze. With Live Baccarat Squeeze, the squeeze is recreated in crystal-clear close-ups to take the realism of online Live Casino to a whole new level.”

So, look out for Evolution Gaming’s fresh selection of Live Baccarat tables and variants at the best Evolution Casinos online as of the end of January 2016.