January 20, 2016

Live Casino on Mobile

Why should I play Live Casino on Mobile

Live online casino gaming is slowly taking over the world of online casino gaming so it’s only natural for there to be live casino on mobile. The benefits of online casinos are well known by now. It is hard to ignore the fact that you can play your favourite casino games without having to set foot in a casino, or even get dolled up for the occasion. Playing from the comfort of your own home makes it super convenient, to say the least. Some argued that with online casino gaming they didn’t get the true experience of playing in a brick and mortar casino and live online casino gaming has changed that forever. In a live casino online, you get the real deal. You have a real dealer, you play on real equipment, and you watch the whole thing live on a stream. Heck, you can even communicate with other players and the dealers. If that’s not the ultimate in real experience, I don’t know what is. Now some say it’s even better than the hassle of having to get yourself to a real casino. It’s nice to be able to play online casino games, in live format, every time you get a 15 minute break, or when you’re stuck at home waiting for something or someone. We all know what that feels like. So now, what if we told you that you can even play live online casino games on the go? Say, when you’re on a train or bus, or waiting in a queue? Or even on a cheeky coffee break?

Responsive Gaming

As with everything else that’s going mobile, the challenges with live mobile casino gaming lay in designing software that was responsive to a mobile screen. This meant that software companies had to design software that gave you the same experience when playing on a mobile phone as you got when playing online. Or, rather, even better! It took a while for live casinos to design software that was good enough to be responsive to mobile phones without losing its appeal. But it was not impossible, nothing is, especially in the world of online casino gaming! It has now been made possible to compress video and audio live streams enough to satisfy the quality needed for live mobile casino gaming. The latest technologies ensure that not only do you have a good stable connection anywhere, but also that you can play on your favourite live casino without having to log in and out constantly.

Back to Basics

This shift to live online mobile casino gaming is, in a way, just like going back to basics. The experience of playing live online is more akin to that of playing in a brick and mortar casino, where it all began. There is no need for any random number generators to ensure total randomness of outcomes at play, which of course are needed in online casino gaming to reassure the players that play is fair and not influenced by anything or anybody having stakes in the result. Here we would like to add that if you think that random number generators are not safe, you are wrong. They are completely safe, and play is totally randomised. But, having said that, nothing beats the feeling of playing live, watching your cards being dealt or your dice being thrown or that ball being spun manually into your favourite wheel, holding your breath until it stops! Even the sounds of a real casino are enough to get our hearts racing.

Playing on Your Mobile

Ok, so you play live online casino games, and you have got an itch to play somewhere that is not on your pc. Perhaps you’re on a train or in a waiting room and you would love to have a little dabble with lady luck, what should you do? There are two ways you can play live online casino games. One is through your mobile web browser, and the other alternative is through a mobile app which you donwload onto your phone. Which way you play will depend on your preference and of course availability. Because mobile apps are not as common as online casinos, then you are obviously going to have more choices if you decide to play live online mobile gaming through your web browser. If you have a choice of both, you need to be able to pick and choose:

Pros of using a browser:

-More choice of games and software – almost every great casino out there is available on most web browsers these days.
-Less space taken up on your mobile phone – apps could take up quite a bit of space
-Your favourite casino is definitely available – not all casinos are on apps for all platforms

Pros of using an app:

-Less mobile data consumed as you won’t need to reload all the data all of the time. Data is downloaded once to your phone.
-More secure than browsers
-Gets you playing faster. No loading fuss and no data needing to download each time you’re going to play
-Notifications about your favourite games and tournaments

So is it worth playing on mobile?

Absolutely! Online Live Casino Mobile Gaming is the way to go. Even though the industry has much where to develop as yet, as it’s still very young, only good things can come in the future. And we already love what we have today so we can only be excited when anticipating what the future of live casino gaming on a mobile phone is going to be like. If this is what it looks like in its infacy stages, can you imagine the possibilities out there in the future for our favourite casino games? Imagine connecting your mobile app to your banking one and having direct transactions going from one to the other without having to identify yourself every single time! That is only one improvement that we can think of at a moment’s notice. Whatever way it goes, we are definitely excited about what the future of live casino gaming on mobile phones and indeed other mobile devices is going to offer us!