January 20, 2016

Live Casino on Tablet

Why should I play Live Casino on Tablets

Why would you want to play live casino on tablet? So you love your online casino gaming, and have recently decided to try live casino online. Naturally, you are hooked. It is an experience like no other. But there is just one problem… there is no way that you can sit down in an office or study all day just to be able to play on your favourite online casino. The solution? A mobile device like a mobile phone or tablet. Naturally, if you have live casino on tablet, you’re going to have a bigger screen and therefore you will be more comfortable playing. Granted that not everybody carries their tablet around everywhere they go, but for those rare occasions when you do leave it behind you can always use your mobile to play online live casinos. Read all about playing live online casinos on mobile by MrLive. Still, hopefully you don’t leave your tablet behind and you are sitting comfortably with a large screen, hoping that lady luck is smiling down at you.

Why play live?

Well, if you’re a casino player, then you have had to adjust to playing online. The Random Number Generator, the computerised games, the animated dealers and chips and so on and so forth. If you’ve played in a brick and mortar casino before, then you surely miss the real sound of chips falling onto a stack or a roulette wheel slowing down and the ball threatening or promising to stop, or the swoosh of a new deck of cards being shuffled and straightened. If you’re not a seasoned casino player, then we are sure that you often wonder what you would be like, sitting in a real casino, with real people around you. Would you play as well as you do online? Would you worry about what people are thinking about your game? Would you bluff as much as you do? With live gaming, the real street casino is brought to online. You are basically sitting at your computer or mobile or tablet, and there’s a dealer in a studio or casino miles away, with a camera filming every move and every detail about the room, with real cards or roulette tables or dice, playing your game, while you watch on live stream. You can chat to the dealer, and watch his every move. All that is left for the experience to be totally authentic is the smell of freshly vacuumed carpeting and wood polish that you get when you enter a classic casino. Tablets can’t do that yet, but I would watch this space – the way technology is going, we really would not be surprised by it!

Why live casino on tablet?

Well, live casino on tablet tablet ensures that you can play any time and any where, especially if your tablet has a mobile connection to the internet other than wi-fi. Of course you could also play any time and any where on your phone, but if you have a choice between phone or tablet, unless you have one of those XL phone screens, chances are that you’re going to prefer to choose to play on the larger screen of the tablet. A larger screen means better visability and of course better player interface in terms of touching one area of a screen and not another. A tablet is a great intermediary for those players who want something larger than a mobile phone, without having to carry a laptop around with them all the time. The tablet can basically fit in a book or even a large jacket pocket!

Which operating system?

Well, most tablets work on apple’s iOS or Android operting systems so if you have any one of them you should be safe as most software in online gaming, and of course by default in live online casino gaming has been designed with those operating systems in mind. You have a choice, of course, of whether to play on your browser or through an app that you can download onto your tablet. In our article about playing on mobile phones, we listed a few pros of choosing either, a sort of browser vs app kind of thing, so we’re not going to get into it here as well. Just take a peak if you haven’t made your mind up about which to play on. If you’re on another operating system, such as Blackberry or Microsoft, you are going to realise that there are fewer options for live online casino gaming, but this doesn’t mean that the choice will not improve soon. Live online casino gaming is a young industry and can only get better and better from here on end.

The future is bright

Expecting improvement to be made in future is not just for people with non iOS or Android tablets. It is even true of live online casino gamers on PCs, tablets in general, and also mobile phones. The live online casino industry is very very young. Even on browsers you are not going to expect to find that every online casino offers a live function. This has resulted in software companies focusing their development on PC more than tablet or smartphone. Once all the software for online casino gaming is updated to incorporate live casino gaming, then software companies will naturally turn their attention to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. This is due to the natural demand of the industry. Since most players who play casino online play on PCs and laptops, it is only natural that software companies target development to that medium before any other. Still, we are convinced that anybody who tries live casino gaming on mobile devices such as tablets is not going to want to go back to being stuck on a pc or carrying a laptop around, so it will only be a matter of short time before the full development wave hits smart phones and tablets. Besides, some online live casinos offer special bonuses and promotions to players playing off a mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, so you better check our recommended list of best live casinos, or even some of our online casino reviews to check out who is offering what, and more importantly how you can turn that offer into cash!