May 24, 2016

Live Casino Promotions

Live Casino Promotions

Live Casino PromotionFinding an online casino that offers the right live casino bonus can be quite a tricky task. While online casinos will always offer a lot of diverse promotions and offers to attract new players and keep loyal customers happy, live dealer games are sometimes forgotten by the online casino. An increasing number of online players are making the switch to live dealer games as they offer a more authentic casino experience when compared to traditional online games.

For all these reasons, MrLive created this page in order to provide players with all the necessary information that they need to know about the various bonuses and promotions that are available for live dealer games.

Bonus Codes

One of the most common types of promotions that online casinos like to dish out are bonus codes. These types of codes are generally used when a new player signs up for their new casino account. Players are usually always entitled to a welcome bonus when they register for a new account, but a bonus code is an added extra something to make new players kick off their gaming experience with a bang. Different casinos live online will offer different types of codes depending on the type of live casino games that they offer. However, such bonus codes generally offer free money deposits, free spins, and sometimes even an upgrade of the actual welcome bonus.

If you enjoy a good game of live dealer blackjack, or even live baccarat online, having an extra $25, $30, or even $50 live casino no deposit bonus will get you started without even having to spend any of your money!  The same can be said for live roulette, as players can also use this no deposit bonus to spin the live roulette wheel and clinch a first win. You will also find even more generous live dealer casinos that will give you an upgrade of the initial welcome bonus, where they either increase the matching percentage or also increase the depositing limit to double your chances of landing a win.

Welcome Offers & Free Spins

Welcome offers are by far the most important type of promotions that a live casino will offer its new players. This promotion is the one that will make a new player sign up for a new account at their casino, so they will make sure to offer something truly competitive and unique. Since this type of offer is a onetime thing, we at MrLive definitely advise you to think carefully about which welcome offer you choose, so that you can make it count and receive a high return for your first deposit. Players generally earn an incredible matching of their first deposit bonus, which can also be spread across multiple deposits in the cases that the welcome bonus is very high.

live promotionsFurthermore, some welcome bonuses also include the additional perk of free spins to encourage players to play different types of games. The welcome bonus will definitely make your first live roulette online game an interesting one, and even if you choose to play live baccarat or live Hold’em you will start off your live online casino experience with a bang. Once you have used your welcome bonus and fulfilled the play through requirements to cash out any winnings, you may want to go for a new welcome bonus at a different live online casino!

Cash Backs & Reloads

An online live casino will do whatever it can to attract new players to register with a great welcome bonus. But as we already hinted in the section above, it is quite easy for players to move on to the next casino live online for a new welcome bonus after they claim their winnings.

As such, the best online live casinos will dish out regular promotions and offers to keep players happy and playing for longer. Some of the most popular live casino bonus options used include the reload bonus, where players can claim a fixed percentage of their initial deposit as a bonus. The percentage can range from anywhere between 50% and 150%, which will have you spinning the live roulette wheel for a very long time!

You can also get some of your losses back from the live dealer with cash back promotions that are also regularly offered by casino live online websites. Players receive a fixed percentage of their losses back in their bankroll so that they can continue playing live blackjack online, or challenging the dealer once again at live hold’em poker. Cash back live casino coupons are generally provided on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the casino, so we at MrLive suggest that you check out the promos that your online live casino offers.

Percentage Bonuses

The percentage bonus is one of the most common types of bonuses that players will encounter when they look for a new online casino to play live casino games. These bonuses, sometimes called match bonuses, are very simple. Players make a deposit, the casino will provide a match of that deposit according to a certain percentage, and you instantly get a boost in your bankroll to hit the live blackjack table. The size of the bonus will depend on the maximum deposit value and the predetermined percentage.

In general, most casinos live online offer a 100% match of deposits up to a figure of between $200 and $500. This means that any deposit made will effectively be doubled, which is a great way to start play live dealer roulette or live baccarat. However, there are several live online casinos that also offer percentage bonuses that can be as high as 500%, with deposit limits even going up to $5,000. This is more prevalent in online live casinos targeting high rolling players, where such deposits are often made over a course of several days.

The good news is that while it is true that percentage bonuses are mostly offered during the sign up period as a onetime offer, live online casinos also offer regular match bonuses on a weekly and monthly period. These include percentage bonuses for the first deposit of the week or month, which is a great way to keep live casino game players coming back for more.

Summing up

Live casino games are becoming as popular as traditional online casino games, so it is natural that casinos live online also invest heavily in providing the right promotions and bonuses to attract new players and keep loyal ones happy.

With such a diverse selection of options, also including live casino no deposit bonuses, live dealer casino game players will be spoilt for choice.

Furthermore, player can also redeem these bonuses through live casino on mobile devices, which make live casino online gaming not only handier but also even more exciting!