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With the advent of live casinos hitting the market, it was only natural that they were going to gain in popularity at a very fast pace. What’s not to love about playing live, in a remote casino that could be situated miles away, from the comfort of your own office, study or living room? Players are fast moving onto live gaming because let’s face it, can you beat the experience? More and more casinos are rushing to get live gaming onto their site. But with the popularity of live casinos, came an overwhelming mine of information to choose from. To the less-seasoned player, choosing a live casino or a live game could be overwhelming. It is not easy to delve into live gaming if you barely know the game. Even when you know the game, live gaming can be overwhelming in its speed and realistic games. Worry not, because is here to save the day.

Our Live Casino Reviews

MrLive is testing casinos that offer live gaming, scrutinising them, analysing the pros and cons of each, and comparing them to one another. Through this, we bring you only the best of live online around. It is important, both for new players and for seasoned ones, that they have a source of information that they trust. This is what MrLive is bringing to the table. Our reviews are all about the company behind the casino, the software companies they partner with, the safety and security features that the casino has in place, what live games they offer, what their live dealers are like, what bonuses they offer, which of those bonuses and promotions are available to live players, how fast their site operates, and so on. Our reviewers are given criteria for testing which we select very carefully. Rest assured that with our reviews, you will always keep on top of the live casino market. We keep our reviews standardised so that it’s easy for you to compare them to one another. We keep them objective so you can decide for yourself whether one casino suits your needs more than another.

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    Our Team at Mr. Live

    MrLive has an experienced team of reviewers who are seasoned gamers, both in brick and mortar casinos, and online. Our team is made up of online and street casino players who share a wealth of experience in the industry. They know what to look out for, they know the pitfalls, and they know what features are the real treat to a player, and they are ready and willing to pass that information on to you. Our team are neutral and have no involvement with one casino or other. Nor do the casinos know who they are. So when we review a casino, we are their mystery guests and they don’t know that they are being reviewed. More importantly, our reviewers give objective reports, so you are not going to read that one casino is absolutely fantastic unless it really is so. You will also not hear that a casino is rubbish on all fronts unless it’s the truth. We look at everything, and we tell you about everything, because what might be an advantage to one person, might be a disadvantage to another. So we tell you what we find, and you make your mind up about it. In a nutshell you should stick with our team and you will not be disappointed.

    Live Games

    The kinds of games that you can expect to play live are not many. Mainly, you can expect to find live Roulette, live Blackjack, live Baccarat, live Sic Bo, and if you’re lucky, a live slot! This latest feature is a rare addition to any casino. Started by Evolution Gaming, the first live slot came out in 2012, by the name of Mermaid’s Fortune. You may be wondering how live casino gaming works and we won’t leave you in suspense. With Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Sic Bo, it’s easy to imagine playing live. You play at a real table, with real equipment, and real dealers, all of which are in a remote studio or casino and the game is streamed live to your pc. This is no different to playing in a street casino; in fact, you can even have a word or two with the dealer should you need to. Now, with the live slot, Mermaid’s Fortune is just like any other slot - and you should read our review about it – but, while you are playing, you are aiming to qualify for a bonus wheel round. The wheel is real, and there is a live dealer spinning it, on a live stream to your pc. That way, it qualifies as a Live Slot!

    Who is MrLive?

    MrLive focuses on providing the most in-depth and easy overview of games and strategies.

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    Live Games with Playboy Dealers

    Yes you read right. The software provider Microgaming has teamed up with Mr Hefner’s empire to bring you playboy-related games. You can play your favourite live game in a playboy studio, designed in the empire’s logo. The rules of the games remain the same. The only difference is that your live dealers are Playboy Bunnies – real ones – who are dressed as such and who add some glitz and glamour to your game. So if you’re the cigar and whisky kind of guy, put your dressing gown on, pour yourself a double shot, light one, sit back and relax with your favourite Playboy Dealer at your favourite game.ConclusionThere you have it, our casino reviews are the best place for you to read all about anything related to live gaming, get the inns and outs of the best casinos around, what they offer, and how you can benefit. Follow our news section for the latest in anything related to live gaming and its proponents, and watch this space as we add more and more reviews to our list. We take great pleasure in having you here and passing on our knowledge to you, and we hope that our reviews really do help you when sorting out the great live casinos, from the mediocre ones and the odd bad apples. We hope you win, and win big!