Live Dealer Games

Difference between live dealer games and online casino games

Live dealer games differ from the rest of online gaming in that they are played in real time. The atmosphere is also the same as that in a street casino. For that reason, live dealer games deserve their own guide page .

They carry all the excitement and appeal of street casinos giving you the added advantage of playing anytime and anywhere. Live online gaming is already a big industry and the number of live dealer games is growing fast. Not all online casinos provide live dealer games, but we’re going to guide you to the ones that do. We will suggest casinos that provide the best live dealer games, with the best functionality and the tightest level of security.

With the fast pace that live dealer games are growing, you can rest assured that almost every game can now be enjoyed as a live dealer game. Those online games that are not available as such will soon be converted. MrLive will always be there, at the forefront of the industry to provide the most comprehensive advice on anything related to them.

Live dealer games have been around since 2007 and we have been there since their inception! They hit the ground running, and fast became every serious gamer’s way of playing online. The benefits are numerous:

  • No travel time and cost
  • No preparation time
  • Play any time and anywhere
  • Play from any device
  • Avoid the distractions of playing in a brick and mortar
  • Benefit from multiple banking options
  • Get great offers and bonuses
  • Play against real players
  • Play with a real live dealer
  • Play with real equipment
  • Socialise with the dealer and other players
  • Access to hand and game history

Some players  are still skeptic about the Random Number Generators used to ensure total random play when gaming online. These are not used in live dealer games, since the equipment is real and play is there and then.

So, what exactly are live dealer games? 

Live dealer games are ones in which you are playing remotely, with a real live dealer and real equipment which has been purposely set up either at a remote casino or in specialised studios. They are monitored by ground staff as any street casino would. The tables are real and you can chat to the dealer and your opponents. There’s no chance for play money. Everything is real, so make sure that you know the game you select before you play.

What kinds of games are available as live dealer games? 

All sorts. Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo & versions of each spring to mind. Visit our live guide to learn more. Not all online casinos will offer live dealing, so you need to check this out before deciding where to play. Also, bonuses and promotions need to be specifically for live dealer games, so make sure that you select the right ones! Visit our Live Casino Bonuses Page for more info.

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