May 10, 2016

Live Dealers from PornHub

No, there´s nothing wrong with your eyes, you are reading this correctly. The fapcave site under the name of pornhub has its own live dealers nowadays. The name, a very familiar one for each man between 13 and 33, has its own casino! The Pornhub casino officially opened in February of this year, and is that one online casino that dares to push the limits a bit further than your average online gambling hall. Most of us lads already loved the fact that Microgaming introduced the playboy bunnies as live dealers a little while ago, but despite the HD camera’s filming them, you still have to use your own imagination to see them naked. Well, that problem is no longer an issue since our loyal mate Pornhub, who makes the live dealers strip for you.

Playful Campaigns

For a lot of young gents, and a lot of older guys too of course, Pornhub is that one site that you visit a couple of times a week to turn all sorts of fantasies into reality on your own screen. It’s that loyal, steady rock in the sea that you can hold on to in times of despair. A place that serves as a regular pub for many. But, for quite a while, Pornhub is more than just a place where you can get your daily fapfix from. Pornhub thinks big, and out of the box. They love playful campaigns to raise awareness for all sorts of social affairs. For one, they invented the BOOBbus, in which Pornhub drove around the states to let women do free breast cancer check-ups. Several years ago Pornhub promised to plant a tree for every 100 videos being watched under the ‘big dick’ category. They called this campaign ‘’Pornhub Gives America Wood’’. By now, they’ve planted over 15.000 trees. At the moment they’re also busy saving the spermwhale and start there own space program. A porn company with social awareness, vision and humour, now that’s something you don’t see often.

Pornhub CasinoFinally Hot Dealers

But, besides its sharp eyes for things involving nature (and by nature I mean the trees and plants kind), Pornhub also has a good feeling for business opportunities. Namely that the rise of the live casino’s means besides the very realistic casino experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home, that you can pull certain stunts that are way harder to pull in bricks and mortar casinos. Most live casino’s do understand that their clients weren’t exactly waiting for old grey fellas to deal their cards and move their fiches. People rather watch hot chicks performing as live dealers when they play poker. Alright, most of the bricks and mortar casinos also have this knowledge which is the reason why they offered more exclusive rooms with pretty lady’s as dealers. However, when playing in live casinos everybody can enjoy the good-looking girls. They are not exclusively for the high-rollers anymore. That’s when Microgaming decided to step their game up and offer the ‘play-boy button’, which takes you to a studio where in cooperation with Hugh Heffner all live dealers become hot playboy bunnies. But then Pornhub realised that one missing thing where all the lads are actually waiting for: naked chicks, straight-up porn bitches to deal the cards.

Unique Business Idea

Such a simple yet brilliant idea. An exclusive casino in which the ladies strip while doing their job as a dealer. In the bricks and mortar casinos it is nearly impossible to launch such a project, but as a live casino you can just rent a studio and let some models work there. In the meantime, you as a gambling man can visit the most exclusive of casinos without being a high roller with a big budget. The pornhub live casino offers live Hold’em, live blackjack, live baccarat and live roulette in their naked casino. The big tits offer a nice contrast next to the green playing tables. To add to their popularity Pornhub decided to take a clever next step: hire a well known pornmodel from time to time to deal the cards. On 8 and 9 april they decided to book no one less than Abigail Mac to do her job as sexy-ass live dealer. The chick you jerked off to yesterday all of sudden shuffles your cards today and maybe even congratulates you with your winnings. Yes, those are the right ways to reach the bigger male crowds as a live casino. Past guests that have been flown in to entertain the loyal costumers of pornhub with their fame in the porn industry have been Monique Alexander and Dani Daniels. Most of the ‘normal’ models in the live casino are from Costa Rica, by the way.PornHub Live Casino

Pornhub tables

The Pornhub live casino has all kinds of different tables. They offer public table where everybody is welcome and the ‘friend tables’, which are only for groups of friends that only you can invite online. So instead of going to your local bricks and mortar casino with your buddies you can take a seat in the virtual pornhub table together and see and talk to each other via webcam. If you ask the table lady nicely if she minds to show those sweet tits, she will gladly accept to do so. You would almost forget that you’re still playing in a casino, so on top of all this awesome nudity there’s still a chance to win big. This unique combination adds a new dimensions to your nights out, and that’s something that Pornhub figured out nicely.


The only thing we have to fear for a bit now that we’ve received this awesome God-given present is the fact that a company such as this also draws the attention from institutions that can impose regulations. When a company invents new innovative combinations, and especially when the combinations seem to be on the sin city side of life, officials seem to quickly appear and jump on the case to see if they can regulate something. But according to the Pornhub’s live casino vice-president we don’t have anything to worry about. I mean come on, tits and casinos, who doesn’t like that after all..? We can’t argue with that statement. Pornhub, speaking for each living dude, thanks… for everything.