February 22, 2017

Live Keno

Guide – How to play Live Keno

Live Keno, that perfectly simple game which reminds of a combination of lottery and bingo but is played way quicker. Just pick your numbers and watch the balls roll and roll… Hopefully showing the numbers you bet on and throwing you that much-desired money. Keno doesn’t require any specific skills and is very easy to learn and play. The money however, can end up in some pretty high numbers. So if you’re looking for an exciting high-paced game which solely depends on luck, you came to the right game. If you’re looking for answers to all your keno-related questions, you came to the right guide. In this article we will explain you the ins and outs of live keno, so you’ll leave a better prepared gambler. Enjoy!

Keno History

Keno was designed way back in ancient Chinese wartimes, when a smart general figured that the best way to fund his war costs was through a nice game of gambling. That’s when he gave the people of China Keno, and as we know now, the Chinese love a good game of gambling every once in a while. The people were so fond of the game that the Chinese General had enough money to pay for all his war expenses. Actually, he constructed the basic lay-out of the Chinese Wall with Keno money! People all over the country were playing the game, and the winning numbers were communicated through passenger pigeon.

keno history

In the original Keno game you could choose from 80 different characters to bet on. So not that much changed really, in the modern live casinos you can choose from 80 different numbers (out of 200) to place your lucky bet on. Chinese Immigrants brought the fun game to the states when they first arrived, and especially the Chinese-American community kept playing and loving it. In the end, Keno popped-up in the casino’s in the early Vegas years and is now still a very popular game amongst people from all over the world. Now played digitally, on online casino’s, on slots and also in the traditional way. So let’s see how Keno is played!

Live Keno Rules

Live KenoSo the rules are very straight-forward. From a table printed on a sheet with numbers in every box you have to pick your numbers out of the 80 presented. Your chosen numbers are the numbers you wager on. When you play video keno, you can pick these numbers by touching the screen. With live keno you can click on your lucky numbers. The possible amount of numbers you can pick ranges from 1-15 or sometimes 2-10. This changes from live casino to live casino. Then the moment of truth arrives, were the Keno game, whether it is a machine, a bucket or a site, will randomly pick 20 numbers. The more numbers correspond with your chosen numbers, the more money you will make. Winning numbers are also known as ‘catches’.


Players will also have the option to either bet on the same numbers for multiple rounds or to choose different numbers in the next round. Especially in video poker you can quickly play game after game, which makes it attractive to stick to the same numbers. Live Keno is played a little bit slower. Of course, you can also choose how much money you want to wager for each round. This can range from a couple of cents to a couple of tens.

Know your odds with live Keno

Being an honest casino site we’re sad to inform you that the odds on winning big are pretty slim with Keno.  Of course, when you pick 15-20 numbers you might end-up getting a few catches, but it is very hard to get a win on every number of your choosing. The better your catches/picked numbers ratio the more money you walk home with. However, according to multiple survey’s the return rate on Keno ranges from 50-95 percent, which consequently also means that the house edges for Keno ranges from 50-5 percent. This makes the game of Keno one of the least profitable games in the live casinos.

So the advice we want  to give you is to make sure you do your homework and look up information on house edges/ return rates of the live casino you’re planning to play on. Live Casino Keno does not always have the best house edges, but compared to video Keno you’re still expected to lose less money over time because video Keno is a higher paced game.

Manipulate your Live Keno odds

However, there is a way to influence your expected return with Live Keno, and that is through the amount of numbers you choose. Regarding this subject, it is advised to pick at least more than one number. The more numbers you choose, the higher the chance that you get a catch and the more chance you have on hitting multiple numbers. According to research the house edge should be the lowest around nine numbers, going down to no more than 5 percent in some cases. To help you understand the house edge in relation to the amount of numbers you pick, you can find the Keno Odds Calculator on some sites on the internet. Put in the pay table and the calculator will give you a result on how much you’re expected to make. A nice tool for people new to the exotic game of Keno.


Keno is a simple game based on luck, pick the numbers, let lady luck do her thing and hopefully win the money you dreamed of. Beside from the amount of numbers to pick and the amount of money to wager there’s not a lot expected of you, so you’ll be in for an exciting game without much to worry about. Just enjoy checking the numbers as they turn into winning or losing numbers. But be aware of the house edge! Do your research on the live casinos to get the best deal. We already did some work for you by creating a list with the top live keno casino you can find on the web. Check them out today! Some even offer the game in ‘demo mode’, so you can experiment a bit before you play for the real bucks. Have fun!