October 27, 2015

Live Roulette

Live Roulette Guide:

Roulette is one of the oldest and most traditional of casino games. The magic wheel has been giving people huge adrenaline kicks for decades and has always been high on gamblers’ lists.

Live roulette is easily accessible, fun to play and highly recommended! It’s a game where luck plays a big role, but if you are lucky you can win big and walk away from the wheel completely loaded!
What makes Roulette so fun to play is the part that luck plays in the outcome of the game. You can be totally inexperienced at playing roulette or going to a casino and still walk away from the roulette table with an absolute jackpot in your pocket. As long as you know what options you have to bet, you are safe. Live roulette makes it even more fun!

live roulette

The aim of the game

The aim in Roulette is to win money based on bets on whether a ball spinning on a wheel would end on a specific number, red or black, and odd or even number, or a group of numbers.

Roulette: A rich and colorful history

As with every casino game that boasts a long history, the origins of Roulette are highly debated. Just like Blackjack, Roulette is widely-believed to have originated in France. In one case, it is thought to have been invented by a French scientist during a monastic retreat that he took. His name was Blaise Pascal. An alternative to this theory also leads back to a French monastery, as some say that Roulette was invented by a French monk to alleviate his boredom. A third theory, still in French monastery, says that French Dominican monks developed Roulette from an old Tibetan game which involved 37 animal statues into a number square 666. Either way, we can almost be sure that Roulette was invented in a monastery in France, and that the world is indebted to French monasteries forever. That the word ‘Roulette’ translates to ‘small wheel’ in French is also indication that French origins are more than likely.

Tracing Roulette’s Ancestors

There are those who do not subscribe to the theory that Roulette originated in France. On researching, one will find that there are a few games that are given the title to being ancestors of Roulette. Most of these games are English or Italian in origin. We are referring to games like Roly Poly, Ace of Hearts, Even-Odd, Hoca and Biribi. In 1763, Casanova referred to Biribi saying that the ladies of the time were mesmerized by the game. In Casanova’s description of the game, he mentions no wheels or balls, but does mention picking three numbers and players hoping that they were selected out of 36. Hoca seemed to be a game played in the style of Lotto and Ace of Hearts more of a simple betting card game of War.

Even-odd seems more likely as a predecessor to Roulette, but also not a certainty. It was played on a wheel of twenty odd and twenty even sections – labeled simply as O and E respectively – using a ball. Some of those sections were marked as belonging to the house, the equivalent of the 0 in today’s Roulette. Roly Poly is also up for debate. Some say that it’s another name for Roulette and others that it’s another name for Even-Odd. If the latter is the truth, then Even-Odd is likely to be the ancestor of Roulette.

The double house bonus

The earliest reference to the game of Roulette as we know it today is in La Roulette, ou le Jour, a novel by Jaques Lablee, published in 1801. The wheel had two slots belonging to the bank at the time, these were 0, which was red and 00 which was black. These were only turned to green in the 19th Century. The single 0 wheel as we know it today was devised in Germany by François and Louis Blanc as a form of competition with other casinos who were obviously still offering the double house chances. In circa 1860, gambling in Germany became illegal so the Blancs moved to the only casino remaining in Europe which was in Monte Carlo. They turned this into the best gambling arena one could find. It was in this same era that Roulette gained popularity to become and remain one of the most popular casino games, and all throughout Europe, it was the single 0 Roulette that was popularized. It is only in America that the double 0 remained the preferred version.

American Roulette

Problems with cheating forced American casinos to place the wheel on top of the table, and additionally to simplify the betting involved. This was the birth of American Roulette, as we know it today, and it is this version of Roulette, with either a single or a double 0, that is the most popular version of Roulette in casinos worldwide today. Generally speaking, these days one would tend to find the double zero version in the Americas and the Caribbean with the rest of the world generally playing the single 0 version of the wheel.

american roulette

Roulette goes online

With the launch of online casinos in the early noughties, it was inevitable that one of the world’s most popular casino games would be included! This brought the American vs. European Roulette and single vs double 0 option to everybody’s homes! There was no longer the need to travel in order to play your favorite version of Roulette. All you had to do was find it at your favorite online casino and play away. Online Roulette was great, you could play any time and anywhere, but some would still argue that they prefer natural randomness to a random number generator; not to mention the buzz of playing in a live casino with other players around. Live Roulette has brought all that to the table. Players nowadays benefit from the option of playing in a real live casino with all its glamour from the comfort of their own home, office or anywhere else that takes their fancy.

Before the launch of live casino you could play through flash games, with online casinos offering you beautifully-designed games, but despite this, the action and atmosphere live casinos create is only comparable to playing in real life. Besides this, it has the advantage that you don’t have to wait for a casino to open or drive long distances to get there – instead you can sit on your couch with a cold beer while you let a professional croupier on the other side of your screen spin the wheel for you! How can online gambling get any better than that?

Roulette: The Rules and How to Play

As we said, the aim of the game is to bet on the winning number, color or category of numbers. To play, place your bet or bets on any number, cooler and category of numbers as you like. Bets are referred to as ‘inside’ when they are on a particular number or a group of numbers near each other on the wheel, and ‘outside’ when they are on a color, odd or even or a group of similar numbers. The first rule of live roulette is that you can place as many bets as you wish and raise the stakes while trying some good combinations. Once everybody has placed their bets, the croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball. Once it loses its momentum, it will stop on a number, hopefully on something you selected!

The European Wheel has 37 slots, 0-36 whereas the American one could either have 37 or 38 because of the 00 slot. Likewise, the house edge on the European Wheel is 2.63%  while the house edge on the American wheel is 5.26 %.

Buying In

Every player requires special Roulette chips to play, which for easy of recognition and transparency during play, are a different colour for each player. They are also only valid for that table and when play is done, they need to be cashed in for ordinary casino chips that can in turn be cashed in for real money.


Each table will have its own minimum and maximum bet limits, and a player must play at least the minimum bet eachon both the inside and the outside, rather than combining them to make a minimum bet. This is only the case of course if they player wishes to be on both the inside and the outside.

If a number is already bet on by another player, you can place your chips over his, remember that your chips will not be the same colour as his anyway. Also, you may continue to bet once the wheel has been spun; actually, you can continue to bet up until the dealer tells you to stop using the famous three words “No more bets!”.

Here follows a list of possible bets on the single 0 roulette wheel, or as we call it, possible inside bets:

Straight or Single: a bet on a single number. The dealer will place the chip on the chosen number.

Split: a bet on two numbers with the chip placed on the line in between. This can be the vertical line, as well as the horizontal.

Street: a bet on three numbers in a row.

Square: a bet on four numbers which form a square together. On a traditional roulette wheel a possible square bet would be like 7, 36, 33, 4.

Double Street: a bet placed on two streets next to each other, 6 numbers in total.

Trio: a bet only placed on the French wheel with one zero. You can either bet on 0, 1, 2 or 0, 2, 3.

Basket: this bet differs from the French version to the American one. With French roulette you can bet on 0, 1, 2, 3, with American roulette you can either bet on 0, 1 and 2, on 0, 00 and 2 or on 00, 2 and 3.

Top line: A bet which can only be placed in American roulette, you can bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3.

Bets can also be placed on parts of the wheel in a series of numbers:

Voisins du zero or neighbors of zero: You bet on all the numbers around zero from 22 on the left to 25 on the right if you have the zero on top of the wheel.

Jeu zero: You bet on the numbers 12 on the left to 15 on the right all around the zero (on a French wheel).

Le tiers du cylinder: You bet on a third of the wheel from the number 27 on the left to number 33 on the right for example.

Orpelins: It’s a bet on the numbers which have been left out of the previous bets, 17,34,6 on the right and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9 on the left.

We also have the outside bets which can be put on the roulette board, a square lying next to the roulette wheel where the dealer will put your chips on the chosen bet. With most of these outside bets you have better chances of winning so payouts are not as big as with inside bets.

  • 1 to 18. You bet on the ball falling on a number between 1 and 18.
  • 19 to 36. You bet on the ball falling on a number between 19 and 36.
  • Red or Black. You choose what color the ball will land on.
  • Even or Odd. You bet on whether the number the falls on is going to be odd or even.
  • 1-12, 13-24, 25-36. You bet on the ball falling on one of these groups.
  • Snake bet. A bet on a particular set of numbers, in this case: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.
  • Final bet. If you bet on 4, you bet that the number will end with a 4.

When the ball stops on a number, the dealer will place a marker on the winning slot. New bets can not be placed until this marker has been removed.

Although the list of possible bets is big and the possibility to place more bets during a turn can be confusing, you’ll get the hang of the game pretty quickly. The dealer will always help you if you forget a rule and will give you enough time to place a good bet. Try them all and find out which one fits you best!

The Dealer

At Roulette the dealer makes or breaks the game. A good and fast dealer will keep the game flowing and keep a sharp eye on all the players and goings on. The dealer is also required to keep the wheel spinning continuously and then have the ball thrown in, in the opposite direction to that at which tfffv he roulette wheel is spinning. A smooth and smart dealer will help add to the glitz and glamour that comes with playing Roulette in a casino.  In an online casino a bit of that was taken away as the dealer was a graphical one. With Live Roulette, the real deal is back as your dealer is a live person in a real casino that is being brought to you through a live stream.

If you like yourself a bit of playboy bunnies, you can also choose to play at a playboy-endorsed casino, where a real live playboy bunny is your croupier. Enjoy the glitz and glamour of vegas with Playboy Live Dealers!

Roulette Strategy & Tips

Playing at a full Roulette table means that you will only play around 30 rounds in an hour so playing at afull table means less run for your money in terms of exposure ot the house edge.

As far as strategy is concerned, be very skeptical of those who try to convince you or worse still sell you one. There really isnt a strategy to Roulette and opting to employ one would surely result in huge long–term losses, especially as youre wasting money trying to get the strategy to work for you!

Why play Live Roulette Online?

Live Roulette really is the best way to play Roulette. Live Roulette gives you the luxury of playing online, from anywhere you like, at any time you like, without having to plan or travel or even get dressed for the occasion, yet without having to give up the exciting world of brick and mortar casinos. At Live Roulette you play with a real dealer, on a real table, in a real casino or studio casino and you play in real time while everything is being streamed live to your computer, mobile or tablet. There is no need for random number generators simulating real play as you are playing live just as if you were sitting in the casino. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your favourite casino game with the least hassle or effort possible on your part!

What to expect from a Live Roulette game:

Ok so you’re used to playing online, on a table created by state of the art graph technology. With live Roulette, the playing interface is still there, namely used for you to place your bets, but the actual field of play is a screen where you can observe your game as it’s progressing. Other players are real too. They place their bets all around on the table in front of you but – like you –  they too are sitting in the comfort of their preferred place of play and watching the game through a live stream. The dealer is also real and you have a direct line of communication with him or her. If there is something you are unsure of, then there is a chat facility and the dealer is able to explain things to you directly.

Also when playing live one can expect to find cheaper games as running a brick and mortar casino is much more costly than running an online casino and also the number of players in an online casino playing at the same time is endless. Bear in mind however, that at a live casino, places at a table are as finite as they are at a street  casino. There are only so many physical tables around that the casino can operate with, and in live, this may be a drawback because they may have even less Live Roulette tables ready with a streaming set up.

Live Casinos are much more reliable in the sense that you can watch the game as it unfolds, you can rest assured that everything is being played in a fair manner and you can talk to your dealer at any time when you have a query.

The online advantage also applies for deposit and sign-up bonuses, and free spins. An online or live online casino running on lower costs than a street casino can afford much better bonuses, and you should look around and compare.

What software companies should I choose to play Live Roulette at?

There are plenty of software companies around that offer live casino games and the number is constantly growing as online play sees a shift to live gaming that is ever increasing. This can get very overwhelming when trying to choose a software provider to play with. Granted, you may not want to choose a software provider, and you may prefer instead to simply hunt around for a casino of your choice. You may still need to make a choice within the same casino, which Live Roulette to go for. Also, there are some players who choose casinos based on the software they offer.

MrLive has compared and contrasted software companies so you don’t have to go through the gruesome task of checking them all out. Visit our software page for a full run-down of what to expect from the different companies out there. We are constantly on the lookout for new emerging software and you can be sure that MrLive will be on top of things to bring you the latest and best on the market!

What online casinos can I play Live Roulette at?

As you can appreciate, the number of casinos offering live gaming is growing rapidly. Live Roulette can be found at a number of casinos, and each one of them is either supplied its software from a smaller pool of live gaming software companies or have their own software if they are large enough casinos. At MrLive we take it upon ourselves to monitor the casinos out there and bring you suggestion of the best place to play based on what it is you’re looking for. Our Live Casinos page gives you the low down on who offers what in terms of software, sign-up bonuses, live bonuses, returns, odds and so on. We already have a number of casinos that we have reviewed and deemed fit to be included in our list of suggested casinos so if you’re in a hurry to start, you can just visit our live casino page and take a look.

Live Roulette Bet Limits

Whether you are looking to bet big or small, with live Roulette, both are possible. Unlike brick and mortar casinos, at Live Casinos you will find tables with minimum bet limits as low as 0.10, giving you plenty of chance to practice at the tables while playing Live. Maximum bet limits at live Roulette tables can be as high as 500,000 even though this is not the norm. On average you will find bet limits to be around the 1 to 5000 range. Bet limits are set by the live casino you choose to play at so if you’re sensitive to limits it is best to shop around before you play. MrLive’s Casino pages are a good place to start shopping around for the ideal live casino for you.

The most common variations of Live Roulette

It’s easy to get confused by the variations of roulette available, particularly because the differences between them are mainly very subtle. It is important that you know the differences though as you wouldn’t want to be shocked when playing for high stakes at a table!  All of the following variations are available in live format, so it’s especially important for you to know all about them before selecting a live game or casino. You will also notice a differencec in the playing layout of all three games as shown in the picutre.

European Roulette

This is by far the most common variation of Roulette that you will find online in Live casinos. The European Roulette wheel has 37 pockets, marked 0 to 36. The 0 is green and the rest of the numbers are either red or black, in equal number. In this variation, players’ chips are all the same color. This adds to the tension and excitement at a roulette table because players must keep tabs on where they have bet and how much they have put down.


American Roulette

American Roulette is the only version with 38 pockets on its wheel. This is because, in American Roulette, there are the usual 0 to 36 numbered pockets plus an extra one depicting a double zero. This of course gives the house a better edge. The colours on an American Roulette wheel are also green, black and red. American Roulette players are given different-colored chips to help identify their bets.


French Roulette

Just like European Roulette, the wheel in French Roulette also has 37 pockets, numbered 0 to 36. Traditionally and as one would imagine, French roulette is labelled in French. In French Roulette, players also have the same colored chips as they do in European roulette. In French Roulette, players have the most advantage. Apart from the single 0 pocket, French Roulette employs the ‘La Partage’ rule which states that when the ball lands on the 0 pocket, you are given half your bets back. If you’re a casual player having a flutter, this won’t make much of a difference, but if you’re a regular player betting thousands, this will make a heck of a difference to your winning ratio. The ‘En Prison’ rule gives a player who has bet on Even numbers the chance of a respin if the ball lands on 0. If the spin is lost by the player a second time then all is forfeited but if the player wins, he or she collects his original bet back but not the winnings.

french roulette

Live Roulette Glossary

With the extensive history of Roulette, and the fact that it has gone through several continents for its current formation, automatically lends itself to be jargon-laden, and it would be very easy for new players or even casual players to feel overwhelmed with all the slang and jargon being thrown around. In this section MrLive strives to explain most of the terms that you will be hearing when playing Live Roulette Online, which of course, you can also apply when playing in a street casino.

Action: In Roulette, the word action has two meanings, it either means that  a player is in a position to bet or it could also refer to the bet amount.

Automatic Roulette: A version of European Roulette that is played without a dealer. A mechanical system spins the wheel and a system of compressed air shoots the ball into it. This version is preferred by casinos and some players as it’s quicker and there is no dealer involved.

Agent: A person who is colluding with the dealer to cheat the casino.

All-in: An agent going all-in is to say that the player is betting his or her entire pot.

Ball Track: This refers to that slim section of the wheel on the rim where the ball is spun.

Biased Wheel: In a live casino or a street casino, a wheel is said to be biased when it is skewed to favor certain pockets more often than others.

Block Bet: Betting on a block of numbers on the betting area (but not necessarily a block of numbers on the wheel).

Chip: The playing token you get in order to be able to play at a roulette table. Depending on the variation of the Roulette game you’re playing, playing chips may vary in color for players. Roulette chips normally come in one denomination, such as $10, and must be cashed at the Roulette table into casino chips that can be cashed at the cashier.

Cold Numbers: Numbers that have not been landed on for at least 37 spins.

Cold Table: A table where the house is winning in succession.

Column Bet: A bet that covers a good section of the wheel which is almost equivalent to one third of it, and that pays 2:1.

Comp: Anything that your live casino gives you for free, such as a bonus or free spins.

Corner Bet: When a player puts chips on the corner joining 4 bet boxes. This bet pays 8-1.

Croupier: Another word for dealer. Basically the person responsible for taking bets, spinning the wheel and dishing out winnings.

Call Bets: This refers to those exotic bets that are generally called out during the spin of the wheel in a casino. Examples of call bets are Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, and Tiers du Cylindre.

Dead Table: An open table that has no players.

Dolly: That piece of equipment used by the dealer to cover the winning number. Once all the chips have been removed and the winnings paid out, the dolly is removed and it is only then that the next wheel spin can go ahead.

Double Up System: Also called a Martingale. This is the act of doubling your bet after a loss.

Dozens Bet: Similar to a column bet. There are 3 dozens on a Roulette wheel. These are, 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36.

Drop: Another word for the amount that a player deposits.

En Prison: A French Roulette rule whereby when you have bet on an even number and the ball lands on the 0 pocket, your bet is valid for the next spin. In effect this means that you get an extra spin. If you lose the second spin, you lose all, but if you win the second spin you get your bet back without the winnings. This rule makes the house edge on even bets in French Roulette that of just 1.35%.

Even Money Bet: May also be called a flat bet but not to be confused with flat betting. This is a bet that pays out 1:1. An example would be even/odd. Bear in mind that the chances of these bets are not 50/50 as the zero is to be factored in.

Eye in the sky: A phrase used to describe security cameras in a casino. These don’t factor in live casinos.

Flat Betting: A player is said to be flat betting when he or she is placing the same bet over and over again.

Five Number Bet: A bet in American Roulette on the 00, 0, 1 , 2 and 3.

French Bets: A series of bets placed by selecting a zone covering a range of numbers on the wheel.

Gaffed Wheel: Slang referring to a wheel that has been purposely rigged by a casino.

George: Could also be called a John, which itself has two meanings. A player who tips grandly.

Green Pockets: A term referring to the 0 and 00 pockets on the roulette wheel.

Grifter: A slang word for somebody who cheats or scams his opponents or dealer.

Grind Joint: A casino offering low betting limits. This term is not really used for Live Online casinos yet, but it might also be just a matter of time.

Heat: The attention that falls on a player from the management of a casino when he appears to be winning too much.

High or Low: A flat bet on either the high numbers or the low numbers.

High Roller: Also referred to as a whale. This is somebody who bets large.

Hold: Also referred to as a percentage. This is the percentage of a drop that the casino keeps.

Hot: A player is said to be hot if he or she is on a streak of successive wins.

Hot Numbers: Also referred to as golden numbers. These are numbers that are landed on more frequently than is expected based on the laws of probability.

House Edge: The percentage that the casino is expected to make from a game. This could be positive or negative for a definite period of time, but is always positive when read over extended periods of time.

Inside Bets: Those bets made on the inside of the betting table meaning bets on individual numbers or groups of numbers, generally.

John: This has two meanings. It could refer to a big tipper, such as a George, but it could also refer to the bathroom or toilet room, as in “I’m off to the John!”.

Line Bet: A six-number bet, made up of two lines of three numbers each. This pays 5:1.

Martingale System: Also referred to as a double up system. This is where a player doubles his or her bet after a loss in order to try and recover previous losses. Can be very dangerous as a loss does not guarantee to be followed by a win. This system is a type of negative progression.

Mucker: A second dealer who helps the main dealer when the table is very busy. The second dealer does the grinding work such as collecting chips, double checking the dealers calculations and so on.

Multiplayer: The facility, in a live roulette setting to be able to see the bets of your opponents.

Negative Progression: A system whereby a player increases their bet after a loss. Examples of negative progression systems are the Martingale system, the Super Martingale system, and the Fibonacci system.

Neighbours: A bet around one number. the number of neighbours a player bets on around that number is up to the player. The general consensus is to bet on three numbers, i.e. the number and two neighbours.

Odd: A flat bet on all the odd numbers.

Orphans: This refers to a group of numbers that are bet on, that are close to each other on the wheel but not close to each other on the betting grid.

Outside Bet: This refers to a bet placed on the outside of the betting grid, such as odd or even, column bets, dozens bets, red or black etc.

Parlay: Also referred to as press. A player is said to parlay when he or she leaves their bet and previous winnings on the betting table to be carried on to the next spin.

Past Posting: A highly illegal manoevre where a cheating player with a fast and skillful hand moves a bet onto the winning number after it has been announced. Fortunately this is not possible in Live Roulette.

Pinching: Another illegal manoevre whereby a player quickly removes his or her losing bet off the table after the winning number has been announced.

Positive Progression: This is when a player increases his or her bet after a win in order to capitalise on a winning streak and maximise profits.

Red Bet: An even flat bet. Betting on all the reds. This is the most common bet in Roulette and pays 1:1.

Roulette System: A betting plan that some players believe will increase their chances of winning at Roulette. All are generally proven to be useless as the house edge on a game remains the same.

Run: A succession of similar numbers, such as a number of reds, or the same dozens group, being elected in a row.

Sector Bet: A group of numbers within a sector of a wheel, also called a neighbour bet.

Section Slicing: An act done by players to try and identify a wheel that they think is biased. They divide the wheel mentally into hot and cold sections to help them recognise any patterns of where the ball lands.

Single Player: A live Roulette scenario where the player seems to be playing alone. In reality this is not the case, but just means that the player can not see the other players and their bets.

Six Line Bet: A bet on six numbers in a straight line.

Split Bet: A bet on two numbers that are adjacent on the betting grid. Chips are placed on the line that joins them.

Square Bet: Also referred to as quarter bet. This is an inside bet on four numbers that pays 8:1

Stack: A group of specifically 20 roulette chips placed on top of one another.

Straight Bet: Also referred to as a straigt-up bet. This is a straightforward bet on one number. Pays 35:1.

Street Bet: A bet on three numbers that are a street on the table such as 1, 2 and 3, or 4, 5, and 6. Pays 11:1.

Surrender: The American Roulette version of En Prison whereby a player gets an extra spin if after having bet on odd/even, the ball lands on the 0 pockets.

Tom: A player who does not tip well.

Toke: Also referred to as a Zuk. This is a tip given to the dealer. It is customary to put Tokes or Zuks in a designated box at the table in a street casino. In a live casino, you tip the dealer by clicking on the designated button on your screen.

Wager: Another word for bet.

Visual Wheel Tracking: A computerised system that measures the velocity of the spinning wheel, and its accelartion to try and get an advantage over other players by expecting to determine to a better degree than random where the ball is next going to land.

Playing Live Roulette on Mobile

If you’re going to play Live Roulette online, you might as well go the whole shebang and go mobile. With mobile play you can be sure to have roulette at your fingertips wherever you go. There is no need for any pre-planning or setting specific time aside to play. Whether you’re stuck in a queue, on public transport, have a free 5 minutes at the office, or simply enjoying a break from  your day, all you have to do is whip out your phone and voilà you have your favourite live Roulette game up and running. Read MrLive’s guide to playing live casino on mobile for some tips and general information that you should know before playing.

Playing Live Roulette on Tablet

If you enjoy playing Live Roulette on the go, then you will do well to play on a tablet. The playing interface is the same of course, but the option of a touch screen makes it better than playing on a laptop or PC. The screen is larger than that of a mobile phone, so play can be more enjoyable. If you don’t mind carrying a tablet around, it can be better even than playing on mobile. But before deciding to play live Roulette on tablet, there are a few things to note. MrLive’s guide to playing live casino on tablet is a good place to start to gather some info and note important things to know before you play.

Top Tip: Remember, the smaller the odds, the bigger the payout, but long term those bets will cost you! MrLive will be here all the way through your Live Roulette experience, and our site is constantly updated with news, new releases, new bonuses, new casinos offering live games and so on, so come back as often as you like and let MrLive be your live casino partner!  We hope you will find luck on your side and that you’ll enjoy the game!