March 17, 2016

Live Sic Bo Strategy

Is there any strategy involved in playing Sic Bo?

Other than the fact that due to statistical probability some outcomes are easier to determine than others, no. The casino you’re playing at will generally tell you the probability of each bet being a hit, so a player doesn’t even have to know statistics or math to determine the rarity of an outcome. Payouts will always reflect the statistical probability anyway, so if something is easier guessed, the payout on it will be less. The dice are rolled by the dealer so there is total randomness involved, and the individual players have absolutely no say in it whatsoever.

Live Sic Bo Strategy

Really and truly, anybody can play Sic Bo, as it’s just a matter of luck. Just check in, place your bets, pray to the gods of luck and let them roll!

But, having said all that, there are some players who chose to play by established strategies, and because we promise to teach you everything that the game of Live Dealer Sic Bo has to offer, we’ll run you through each of them next.

Essentially, there are three ways by which to employ a strategy when playing Live Sic Bo. There’s the conservative way, suitable for players who are risk adverse; the middle-of-the-road way for players who are not shy to take a risk but don’t want to stake too much of their hard-earned cash; and the high-roller way, suitable for the dare devils and risk takers among you.

Let’s begin with the conservative ways to employ a strategy. This is done by waging on the Sic Bo bets with the smallest house edge. These are the small, big and two-dice combination bets. The small and big bets are as close as you’re going to come to even-money bets in the game of Sic Bo. Because these are even-money bets, it is common for players to follow a progressive system using these bets against a sequence to try and beat Sic Bo.

The most commonly used sequence is the 1 3 2 4 sequence, which is also used in strategies relating to other casino games. The numbers in the sequence must be multiplied by the betting unit of your choice. So, if you choose €10 as a betting unit, your sequence would be 10 30 20 40. By the same token, if your chosen betting unit is €2, your sequence is 2 6 4 8.

So, with the 1 3 2 4 system you start by betting a single betting unit (say €10). If you win, you bet the next number in the sequence (€30 in this case). If that wins, you would move on to the next number in the sequence and if your fourth bet wins too, consider yourself a lucky big winner and just start again from the beginning, betting a single unit.

With this system, you only have to win the first two bets in the sequence to come out on top. If you lose your first bet, you lose a single unit (€10 in our example). If you lose on your second bet, you would lose two units (+ €10 – €30 = – €20). If you lose on the third bet, you would have made a profit of two units (€20 in our example à + €10 + €30 – €20 = + €20). If you lose on the fourth bet, you would have made a profit of two units (€10 in our example à + €10 + €30 + €20 – €40 = + €20). But if you manage to get back to the beginning of the sequence with a four-bet winning streak, you win a whopping 10 units (€100 in our example)!

Big and Small also allow the largest bets on the Sic Bo table, so patient, conservative gamers may actually win big using the above strategy.

We mentioned the two-dice combination bets (besides the big and small bets) as a way of employing a conservative strategy. These bets, which consist of a bet of a combination of any two numbers of your choice showing up on two of the three dice rolled, come with 6:1 odds and pay out at 5:1. So, mathematically, if you select a betting unit and place 30 two-dice combination bets using two of your lucky numbers, you should win at least four times. On your fourth win before the thirty bets are over, walk away from the Sic Bo table with a profit.

So, that’s about it as far as conservative Sic Bo strategy is concerned. Now let’s get to the middle-of-the-road strategies. We mentioned the Total bets above; this is where you bet on a particular total being reached by the three dice rolled. Total bets offer different odds, depending on the range of numbers you’re betting on. The range offering the best probability for a win is the 9-12 range, which pays out at 6:1. A moderate-risk Sic Bo strategy entails placing 3 betting units on a Total bet within this range and adding 2 betting units on 3 different Double bets which have a chance of winning if your Total bet loses.

For example, let’s choose a betting unit of €10. We’d place 3 units on a Total bet of 9, because 9 offers a relatively good probability of a win (it falls within the above range). Now, in order to increase our chances for a win, we’ll also place Double bets on 1, 5 and 6. Why? Because this spreads our bet. Remember, there are three dice being rolled. So if we hit a double 1, double 5 or double 6, there’s no chance of us landing our Total bet of 9. Like this, if we miss with our Total 9, we have a chance with our Double bets. So, in this case, we’d bet €30 on a Total of 9 and €20 each on a Double 1, Double 5 and Double 6.

Here’s another example… Bet €30 on a Total 12, and €20 each on a Double 1, Double 2 and Double 6. Pretty simple right? You don’t have to have a high betting unit either; you may choose a unit of €1 if you’d like. The Total bet would pay out at 6:1, so if you hit your Total, you’d win 18 betting units. The Double pays out at 8:1, so if you hit the Double, you’d win 16 betting units.

Now for the high-roller Sic Bo strategy. This strategy involves placing all of your eggs in one basket. It’s risky, but if you win, you win BIG! In the moderate-risk strategy explained above, we looked at ways of spreading our bet, so that if we miss with one, we’ve still a chance to hit with another. The high-roller Sic Bo strategy involves the opposite kind of thinking.

With this strategy, our aim is to win two to three times on a single roll of the dice. So, for example’s sake, let’s stick to our €10 betting unit and bet three units on a Total of 8. We’ll then place two betting units on Double 1, Double 2 and Double 3. Like this, we have a chance of winning with both a Double bet and a Total bet (eg. 1,1,6 or 2,2,4 or 3,3,2). But we won’t stop there. We’ll also place 2 betting units on a Combination of 3 and 2. Like this, if a 3,3,2 is rolled, we’d win 24 units on our Total bet (8:1), 16 units on our Double bet (8:1) and 12 units on our Combination bet (6:1) for a total of 52 units or €520 in our case.

Of course, the chances to win like this are slim, and the fact that our win would be so large should have this go unsaid.

Sic Bo Tips

Like any other casino games, Live Dealer Sic Bo comes with tips and tricks that one should always keep in mind. First and foremost, should you want to lower the house edge and win as frequently as possible, stick to the low-risk strategies outlined above. The house edge for Big and Small bets may be as low as 2.8%, so your best bet in the long run, is to stick with these sorts of bets.

It is always beneficial for anyone sitting on a Sic Bo table to know the odds to do with each bet as well as the game in general. Live Sic Bo is not a game for those who want to become millionaires overnight. While big wins may happen on a Sic Bo table, it is more of a game for the grinders who want to win small and often.

While Live Sic Bo is not exactly rocket science and is in fact far easier to grasp than Craps (the other casino dice game), it is always beneficial for beginners to try their hand at practice tables online. This will enable newbies to come to terms with the different bets and the odds they offer before gambling their own hard-earned cash.

There are several Live Dealer Casinos online and this variety brings with it a variety in odds and pay-outs. Make sure you scour the web to find the Live Dealer Casinos that offer the best odds and pay-outs. This is especially important for players who intend on placing high-risk bets. The low-risk bets vary little across casinos, but the high-risk bets vary significantly.

Finally, make sure you consider all the standards when playing Live Sic Bo, as you would when playing any other live casino game. Make sure you take advantage of any bonuses tied to Live Sic Bo, that you play at a reputable Live Dealer Casino where your privacy and security are guaranteed, that you play at a casino where your preferred banking option is available without extra charges, and that you play at a Live Dealer Casino that includes Sic Bo for mobile if you want to play while on the go.