December 11, 2015

Live Slots Mermaid Fortune

Where to play Live Slots

Back in 2012, Evolution Gaming broke the online slots mould and introduced an innovative concept that combined classic RNG video slots with the socially interactive model of live casino gaming. What resulted was Mermaid’s Fortune, the first live online slot, which is still one of the most popular and visually gratifying live online slots today. Mermaid’s Fortune is a first-class video slot, the wins to which are determined by a tried and tested Random Number Generator like many others out there. But, unlike many other online video slots out there, Mermaid’s Fortune features a real live mermaid that greets you and spins the wheel for your bonus round.

Granted, we’re living in the real world and mermaids are exclusive to the realm of fantasy. But why stick to the drab, lacklustre realm of reality when your stage for creativity is online casino gaming? What we’re talking about here is the live spinning of a bonus wheel by an attractive young lady in a mermaid costume, which not only serves to complement the mood and ambience featured in and set by the rest of the game, but also adds a previously unheard-of social dimension to the world of online slots.

How it’s played

Mermaid’s Fortune is a 20-line, 5-reel slot portraying a mystifying underwater theme and featuring a number of ocean-themed symbols (turtle, dolphin, jelly fish, shark, sea-horse, etc.) that grant players variable wins when landed in combinations. The chance to win big with the classic RNG segment of the game is there, so there’s not need to enter the bonus rounds to strike it lucky. The game’s additional appeal however, does lie in its features (bonus rounds), which are in turn what makes this game a ‘live’ slot. Mermaid’s Fortune is played in real time and the bonus round (a standard wheel spin) is triggered automatically, every 8 minutes. Whether or not you would qualify for the bonus round depends on whether you’ve collected the required number of pearls through your spins.

And how do you collect the pearls? This is done by landing the mermaid symbol as you spin. When the mermaid symbol lands on a reel, a single pearl is added to the pearl counter on the top left corner of your screen. A timer is displayed at the bottom, indicating a countdown to the next bonus round. If you do not have the required number of pearls by the time the clock counts down to zero, you get to keep your pearls, which you would be able to add to and participate in the next bonus round. Landing a golden mermaid symbol on the third reel from the left will grant you 50 pearls (the whole amount needed to qualify for the bronze level bonus round), which would guarantee you a place in the ensuing interactive bonus feature.

While playing in regular RNG mode, players are also given the opportunity to quadruple every win with a scintillating bonus game that requires them to guess the suit of a down-card. This is apart from the bonus game featuring the live mermaid spoken of above.

The special symbols

There are three special symbols to look out for when playing Mermaid’s Fortune. The first is the mermaid symbol, which was already spoken of above. This adds pearls to your pearl count, which in turn, lead to the bonus game when the timer at the bottom of the screen hits zero. However, the mermaid symbol is also a wild, meaning that it will replace other symbols (not the Poseidon or red clam) to make winning combinations. The second is the Poseidon symbol. This can only land on the first reel, and is a wild symbol, meaning that it may replace any other symbol (accept the mermaid and red clam) to make a winning combination. The Poseidon symbol will expand throughout the whole of the first reel to make the entire reel a wild. Wins involving the Poseidon symbol are paid out at triple their value. The third special symbol is the red clam symbol. This can only appear on the second, fourth and fifth reels. What the red clam does is that it adds a random multiplier to your determined line bet, which is then added to the red jackpot displayed on the top right hand corner of the screen. The jackpot may then be won through the bonus round featuring the live mermaid spinning the wheel of fortune. The jackpot will be set back to zero after every bonus game.

Additional rules

Winning combinations may only be made from left to right and each line win is multiplied by the amount bet on the winning line. Reaching the bonus level featuring the live mermaid will require a minimum of 50 pearls. This is the bronze bonus level. Having 100 pearls would qualify the player for the silver level, while having 200 pearls would qualify the player for the gold level. The different bonus levels will determine the amounts that a player could potentially win through the bonus round. The higher the level, the higher the amounts on the spinning wheel.

Where to play

Mermaid’s Fortune is a unique game, not found within the majority of online casinos. There are a few casinos out there offering the live slot but we do suggest that you search for it by name. In time, will be recommending more of the best live casinos to play at, so we also suggest that you keep an eye out here. Your best bet is to find the top rated Evolution Gaming casinos for a chance to try your hand at Mermaid’s Fortune Live Slot.


Mermaid’s Fortune offers a superb, live twist on the concept of online slots and despite having been the first game of its kind to be released, is still the leader within its category. So if you’re into online slots but also happen to have a penchant for the socially interactive aspect that live casino gaming brings into play, you’re bound to fall in love with Mermaid’s Fortune. Your chances to win big are existent when playing in regular RNG mode, but they’re enhanced greatly through the live bonus round. And this is where the added fairness comes in too! The bonus round is not determined by an algorithmic RNG, but consists of a wheel of fortune depicting cash values that you could win when the wheel stops spinning. And it’s all mechanical, spun in front of your eyes by a real live mermaid! What a twist on your average slot! We absolutely love it! Kudos Evolution Gaming!