March 17, 2016

Live Slots

Introduction to Live Slots

We’ve already talked about Live Gaming and how absolutely fantastic it is. We believe that in future, everybody is going to want to play every casino game live. What is there not to love? All the excitement of a brick and mortar casino from the comfort of wherever you want to play. Real live dealers, chat functions, playing in real time on real equipment, and watching your game unfold in front of you can not be beaten! All this without even having to plan or prepare or leave your home or office. Plus, you get to play in a real live casino while on the train or bus or when you have five or ten minutes to spare.

 Live Slots? Really?

Really! With the advent of Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Poker and Live Sic Bo, wasn’t it only natural for the most loved and played online casino game to find a way to come to us in live form?! Well now it has! Well, not exactly now, back in 2012! Slots are normally a one-man band, even in a brick and mortar casino there’s nobody to help you out with it, so, ‘how does it work online?’, I hear you ask. Well, online, you have a dealer. A real, flesh and blood dealer. What does the dealer do? The dealer spins your reels in your side bonus games! Right in front of you! We promise you it works! And it’s the greatest way to play slots ever! So, you have your normal slot, you are playing that, as usual in live format, but just like you would in a video or 3D slot, you have missions, a story, and side games. This is where your live dealer comes in. Be it to spin a side reel doubling your winnings or to give a hand with anything else required on the side, you’re never playing alone within a Live Slot.

Chat to the dealer

Slots can be very exciting, there’s a reason why they’re the most loved online casino games, but they can also get a tad repetitive if you’re always playing on the same slot, which you should, if it’s a favourite. Well now, slots are exciting for a longer period of time because you’re not alone in a room with your mobile, computer, laptop or tablet. Now you can chat to your live flesh and blood dealer, and maybe have a little banter as well.

 Safety and Security

The safety and security features surrounding live slots are almost the same as online casino slots, in that they operate using a Random Number Generator to ensure that algorithms give you total random outcomes to total random play. The difference lies in the side games involving the dealer because these come with no RNG. These are real games, with real equipment, being played in front of your eyes, by real people. No RNG is needed here! You can watch the game unfolding and see the outcome for yourself as it happens! As far as data protection and play history, you are promised the very same that you have in a regular online casino, that is that data will be encrypted and stored in overseas servers that are virtually impossible to hack.

Does MrLive recommend any live slots for me to play?

Yes! Yes we do! We absolutely love Mermaid’s Fortune, so much so that we have given it its own review. Read up on it, and more importantly go to it, and let us know what you think! It is the first live slot to come out, and it was brought to us thanks to the innovative mind of Evolution Gaming. It’s superb! We love you EG! Nobody has come close to it yet and we don’t mind. We’re not ready to let go of our Mermaids yet. There are a number of casinos online that offer Mermaid’s Fortune Live slot, but as you can imagine, live slots are not yet available at each and every online casino, so we suggest you search for it by name!



So there you have it, live slots are a thing. If you’re still super attached to your online game, then don’t look into live slots because they’re that good that you are not want to go back! If on the other hand, you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime and ready to step up your casino gaming online, then you really have to get stuck in to that Mermaid’s Fortune and give it a whirl, because we promise you, once you try live slots your life will not be the same.