February 22, 2017

Live Dragon Tiger

Gids – How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Yes, this is what we like. The type of game where two heavyweights slug it out. Like alien versus predator, or giant octopus versus mega shark (that is an actual movie), this time we got Dragon Versus Tiger on the fighting bout. This is a very easy to learn game, now offered by more and more live casino’s. The game is high paced an highly depended on chance. The type of game to offer you a quick adrenalin boost, again and again. Read all about Live dragon tiger, how to play, strategy and origin in this article by MrLive.

Live Dragon Tiger origin

Live Dragon tiger finds its origin in Asia. Of course, in which other part of the world would they like dragons and tigers more than in the country that celebrates their (non) existence with entire years dedicated to their name! Or during the Chinese new-year, where you can spot dancing tigers and dragons everywhere. But the saga extends even further. The title is based on the strong Chinese symbol yin-yang. The tiger represents the Yin, all the good in the world, and the dragon represent the Yang, for all the evil/ bad stuff. The rules are very similar to the popular game of live Baccarat.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

At first glance the game might look a bit hard to get a grip on. However, the rules and bets are very easy to learn and straight-forward. First, there are three type of bets. You can choose to bet on the Tiger, the Dragon, or on a tie. You have to select the amount of money you would like to wager on the bet of your choosing. The dealer will then draw to cards face down, one card representing the Tiger (on the designated spot) and the other one representing the Dragon. He (or she of course) will then continue to show the two cards. The card with the highest value wins, and settles the score between the Dragon and the Tiger once and for all… or, until the next round is dealt. If you bet on the tiger and the tiger shows the highest card, you win and the players betting on the dragon will lose their money and vice versa. If you tie, you only lose half of your wager. Live Dragon Tiger has one more important rule that you should not forget, and that is that the ace is not the highest- but the lowest value card.

live dragon tiger

House edge and tie bet

Just like with baccarat, you can also bet on neither the tiger nor the dragon to win. Maybe they will be equally strong in the next round of battle, so who knows, right? When you bet on the tie and win, this bet will pay out 8:1, which is not a bad win at all. However, with the tie being the outcome in 6,448 out of the 86,320 hands in total, it is good to know that the tie bet gives the live casino a house edge of no less than 32,77%. This is a very, very high house edge even when compared to similar tie bets in other card games such as Casino War. We advise you to just avoid betting on the tie, unless you like the thrill of smaller odds to spice things up a bit.

The house edge on the overall game is 3,73%, the players familiar with live baccarat will notice that this is a higher house edge than you will have with the live baccarat game. This house edge only exist because the live casino will take 50 percent of your bet when the tiger and the dragon tie. Without this rule, the live casino would not have an house edge at all.

Other Live Dragon Tiger Bets

Apart from the usual live dragon tiger bets, there are a couple of other  ones that you can also opt for. The ‘Big and Small’ bet, is an example of such an extra bet. With the big and small bet you wager on whether the tiger or the dragon card will show a number higher than seven (Big), or lower than seven (Low). If the card shows seven, you lose your wager. Be advised, the house edge on this bet is also relatively high with 7.69%.

Another fun bet to do every once in a while is the so called ‘suit-bet’. As you could probably have guessed, you bet on the type of suit that the card will show for the tiger or the dragon. This bet pays 3:1. However, yet again, the live casino will take your money if the card happens to be a seven.


So that’s pretty much it, now you know how to play live dragon tiger and which bets you can wager on. The next step is to develop a strategy that will shift the odds in your favor. There is no strategy exclusively designed for live dragon tiger, however, since the game is not very complex you will have some time at hands to keep track of the cards. By counting cards you can make a prediction to some extend that will help you decide what card comes next. This extra knowledge will help you gain more wins for either the dragon or the tiger and can significantly reduce the house edge. So if you want to learn an actual helpful strategy: learn how to count cards!

Live Dealer Experience & Conclusion

Especially in the live casino environment nobody knows whether  you are counting cards or not, so you can’t be banned from the game. You can however talk to the other people at your table through team speak to add a social element to the game. You can also enjoy the looks of the lovely lady dealing the cards at your table. Live dragon tiger is played pretty high-paced so there is no need to wait long and you can feel the tension and excitement build up during every round. It’s like you are at an actual casino while you’re sitting at home, how comfy can it get? Try this cool Asian live casino game today, we already helped you out a great deal by creating a list of the top live casino’s to offer live dragon tiger. Take your time and check them out! You won’t regret it. Good luck.