December 7, 2015


How to use Mastercard at Live Casinos

MasterCard is one of the most widely recognised brands in the financial services sector in the world. And it should come as no surprise to anyone; MasterCard Inc. was established back when the hippie movement was at its peak and women were burning their bras in protest for equal rights. The international finance giant has close to five decades of existence and experience under its wing. It went by the name of Master Charge for more than a decade, but adopted the name MasterCard back in 1979. The company has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange for the past decade. Before that, MasterCard took the form of a cooperative owned by the several thousand financial institutions that issue MasterCard-branded credit and debit cards. In fact, MasterCard does not issue credit and debit cards itself; it permits other, local financial institutions to use the MasterCard brand and issue its cards. MasterCard is Visa’s primary competitor and due to its popularity, it’s offered as a banking option by the vast majority of online casinos on the web.


The versatile master

There are four types of MasterCard cards one may use to bank with live dealer casinos online. Firstly, there’s the ever so popular MasterCard credit card. This one’s certainly in need of no introductions. The interest rates payable on these cards, like the terms of payment, vary across the different financial institutions that offer them and users are therefore advised to shop around wisely. However, regardless of where you obtain the card, a MasterCard credit card is likely to be very well suited for online casino gaming. For some high rollers, a MasterCard credit card is indispensable because of the higher limits normally afforded them at online casinos.

Secondly, there’s the almost equally popular MasterCard debit card. This one’s also offered by several financial institutions around the world, which may in turn attach their own, exclusive terms to its use. The difference between the MasterCard debit card and its credit counterpart is that when using the debit card, players are only allowed to spend the amount deposited into the account tied to their card. In other words, there is no credit line offered to the player, which might make this the safer option for many live dealer casino devotees.

Thirdly, there’s the MasterCard gift card. This takes safety to another level by imposing a spending limit for players. It is quite appealing for those who find it difficult to stick to a predetermined bankroll when playing casino games.

And lastly, there’s the MasterCard pre-paid card, which works in a very similar way to the gift card described above. The difference with the pre-paid card is simply that it cannot be gifted to third parties. This too is a very safe option, allowing for the setting of strict controls for those who fear overspending when playing live dealer casino games.

How MasterCard works

The use of any of the four MasterCard options described above is a fairly straightforward affair. Once the player has registered an account at the live dealer online casino of his/her choice, he/she must select MasterCard as a banking option at the relevant casino’s banking page online. The player would then be asked to enter the card details, which would normally consist of the cardholder’s name, the multi-digit card number found on the face (front) of the card, the month and year in which the card would be due to expire and the three-digit CVV code at the back of the card (the last three digits in the number at the back). Most live dealer casinos online would also ask the user to enter personal details, such as his or her name, age, etcetera, as well as his/her billing address. Once all of this information is handed over to the casino – which should not take longer than a few minutes – all that is left is for the user to indicate the amount he or she wishes to deposit or withdraw into or from the casino account. It’s as easy as pie.

Transfer times

Players should not be overly concerned about transfer times when using MasterCard. Deposits should be processed by the live dealer casino of their choice instantaneously. Players should be able to enjoy a spin, roll or deal within minutes of successfully affecting a deposit. Withdrawal times may be longer, which is to be expected, but should take no longer than five working days at most. This will vary across countries and casinos, with funds actualising within a player’s account on the same day in some cases. Players whose IP addresses originate from a select group of countries are barred from making withdrawals using MasterCard. Examples of such countries are Canada and the USA. Always make sure to inquire whether the live dealer casino of your choice allows the use of MasterCard for making both deposits and withdrawals, as well as whether withdrawals using MasterCard are allowed for players located in your country of residence.

Customer support

MasterCard considers customer support to be a very serious matter, not to be taken lightly. The company’s official website lists a number of ways by which MasterCard users may access client support, which include telephone and email. However, since MasterCard users would have certainly gone through a third party financial institution to acquire their card of choice, it is always advisable for them to seek assistance from the institution that would have issued the card. Such institutions are, more often than not, local banking institutions with which players have a personal relationship. It is always best to seek support from the card issuer first.

MasterCard’s the master

It certainly is the master! There are very few brands out there as recognisable as MasterCard. This, in itself, carries a lot of weight. Such a large, reputable global company is always going to offer players peace of mind in terms of legitimacy. It also confers its influence as a financial giant onto its users. Since it’s so widely used, there are very few casinos that don’t offer MasterCard as a banking option and in fact, many of those who do, offer it as both a deposit and a withdrawal option. It simply doesn’t pay casinos to snub the brand. There are also several live dealer casinos out there offering lucrative bonuses tied exclusively to the use of the MasterCard brand, which should serve as an added incentive for players to use MasterCard. Another incentive should be the safety that comes with using MasterCard, especially the credit card option. While the debit card is safer in terms of not allowing players to overspend, the credit card is safer in terms of the added protection that financial institutions confer onto its users. So give MasterCard a try when playing at live dealer online casinos. There really no reason not to.