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Until the launch of live casinos in 2007 many preferred playing in street casinos rather than online. With the advent of live casinos and  their developing innovative technology, the tide is shifting. Interactive games of software giants such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Microgaming are fast becoming high sought after entertainment. Live casino software is so advanced and high quality that it’s hard to remember you’re not playing in a street casino. Some even say that live casinos are better. Live casino rooms have young and vibrant dealers that make you feel welcome and part of the game. They use real tables, real cards and offer the option to monitor the game through streaming video footage. This gives a player the real casino experience, from a desktop at home, tablet on the sofa, or even a smartphone on the train.

 How Do Live Casino Games Work?

The layout looks very similar to any other online casino. It’s the use of real equipment and live dealer, that sets it apart. You can even  chat to the dealer to make your experience authentic. This is a great feature for players that normally get lost in the rules and speed of normal online casino games.

‘Live Casino is as real as it gets’

The rules are identical to the on -and offline games that you are used to, depending on which variety of the game you’re playing. For example, when playing live roulette, choose whether you prefer playing the American or French version. They differ in rules.

The dealer is responsible for spinning the wheel at roulette, dealing cards at blackjack, and opening cards at baccarat. The dealer will see all actions that you submit during the game, and act accordingly in real time. You can monitor everything! The dealers are located in special arranged studios or at offline casino premises. At those locations, a team of people are constantly monitoring all the live feed games to ensure that everything is done by the book. Since the tables, dealers and equipment are real, you have the same chance of winning as you have in a real casino.

Not every online casino offers live casino. So if you are used to playing online casino games at your favourite casino make sure that they provide them in live. We recommend you take up our list of recommended casinos because we work hard to ensure we bring you the best ones around.

The Advantages of Live Casino Games

The most prominent feature in live casinos is the option to socialise, which is missing from most of the standard online casino games. In addition to that kind of fun, live casino games are just a way of playing remotely. This makes it a true and great social activity. In future, it is possible that all casino gaming would be live.

Most live casinos offer a chat function, but some take social activities even further. Some offer the option to root for other players, while other still, even allow certain “broadcasting” hours. The dealer acts as live host with your face on his screen.

Something that also works in favour of the live casino is the fact that they use actual casino equipment and thus there isn’t a RNG (random number generator) applied. There are still a few players who think that RNG can be manipulated. It can’t. But if people think it can, then that is a disadvantage. In a live casino there is no worry of that.

Why MrLive?

Here at MrLive we aim to bring you to a comprehensive website through which you can learn everything there is to know about playing live casino games online. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned player, we can assure you that  this site will provide everything that is worth knowing in terms of knowledge of live online play. MrLive reviews casinos that offer live online gaming, our team of experts also test out and review individual live games as they are made available. This will save you lots of precious playing time that you would otherwise have to spend researching whether a live game or casino is for you! We also review the software companies who bring you the live games and to add to that we make sure that you receive the latest news of live online gaming as it happens through our comprehensive news section!

At MrLive we also make sure to find the best bonuses around that are on offer to live online gamers, so you don’t have to go through all the fine print to determine whether or not the bonuses apply to you!

So stick with us here at MrLive and we are sure to make a live online gaming expert out of you!

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