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What are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are our speciality! It's our pleasure to bring you MrLive's Guide, the page specially made to help you find your game, table and dealer. The online gaming world is vast. We narrow it down to the right places to play. Read on and know what to look for when choosing a casino to play live.

Read our individual game guides to know what to look out for.  We will teach you how to choose the right live casino and of course, how to play better. We’ve got the insight edge on all tricks, tips and special techniques. In addition we have simplified your lives by showing a tutorial on every live casino game there is to find on our site.


Which live casino game should you play?
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Live Dragon Tiger

Yes, this is what we like. The type of game where two heavyweights slug it out. Like alien versus predator, or giant octopus versus mega shark (that is an actual movie), this time we got Dragon Versus Tiger on the fighting bout.

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mrlive games live roulette

Live Lottery

Live Lottery If you like the type of game that builds up in excitement and climaxes purely based on luck, then live lottery is the one you are looking for. No more walks through all types of weather to finally get to the store and wait in line to buy your lottery tickets, only to […]

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mrlive games live roulette

Live Keno

Live Keno, that perfectly simple game which reminds of a combination of lottery and bingo but is played way quicker. Just pick your numbers and watch the balls roll and roll…

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Live Sic Bo

Why should you play Live Sic Bo Live Sic Bo is not the most popular casino game, but it is one of the most interesting. With its Asian origins, this game knows how to give you the excitement one gets from every game that has lived through the ages!

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mrlive games live roulette

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Guide Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in history, and you will be very hard pressed to find a casino, whether online or in brick and mortar form, that doesn’t offer multiple variations of the game. Playing live is the best way to get the realistic feel of a street […]

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mrlive games live roulette

Live Roulette

Live Roulette Guide: Roulette is one of the oldest and most traditional of casino games. The magic wheel has been giving people huge adrenaline kicks for decades and has always been high on gamblers’ lists.

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mrlive games live roulette

Live Baccarat

Play Live Baccarat Although it’s something of an old game, Baccarat still hasn’t lost any of its charm. This card game can provide hours of entertainment because of its low house edge and easy rules.

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Live Casino Games:  What makes them awesome

Live casino games are the latest in modern gaming. Live Casino is the modern version of casino in general, it is an upgrade to what was previously known as online casino gaming, it has high-tech developers behind the scenes to make sure the experience is as close as it gets to a real casino. In short, it’s the real deal. Now what is there to say about the features, and how do we feel about that? We can proudly describe the key elements of success in live casinos.


No more lonely celebration of great wins, no more silence and boredom behind your screen. You can chat and interact in the casino game you love. All dealers at the tables will hear you. They will even reply.  Careful about what conversation you start; there are moderators. The live dealer’s comments are most of the times brief and focused on the game. Other players' comments are a whole different ball game! 

Sexy stuff

Yes, we at have to tell you: it has become way sexier. And we are not talking about graphics. Live casino dealers are wild and sexy. They are not bound by rules, moreover some live casinos take it a step further and host special Playboy casino rooms. Here the girls are dressed in playboy outfits for your visual pleasure. Of course this is not possible in any other kind of casino. The high speed internet and HD recording from the live casino’s end, and the excellent video stream really do make you feel like you are at the casino. Toggle onto fullscreen, and you're virtually there. 

Bet history

This is something you don't have at a traditional casino. Playing online allows you to see your bet and hand history! This is an excellent way to analyse what when wrong and what went right. It is something that pro-gamblerslook our for. Only those who really want to learn how to gamble better understand how important it is to study the mistakes.

MrLive's Video Guide

Here's a promo for our live site, to give you a taste of what is to come... watch this space!

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Live Casino Games: Licenses and Regulations

Because not every country can host gaming companies, the ones that can, enjoy a number of each. All these jurisdictions vary in their gaming laws. Do not assume that a casino that is located in Central America follows the same law as the one in Malta. Always have a quick look at the history and location of your live casino.

Recently the EEA has introduced licensing and regulatory regimes. The UK established The Gambling Act 2005, which became active in 2007. The Netherlands is currently working on a similar law. 

As a player you should be aware of the different operators and choose wisely when it comes to entrusting your money. Certification can make all the difference. 


There was a time when there were no regulations for online gaming. Luckily, since then, organisations were founded with the aim of setting regulations that protect online gamers. These organisations then set out to check casinos, review their code of conduct and rewrite it where necessary. One such organisation which is well known among the gaming operators is eCOGR. All sites with the logo and certification of this organisation have met their guidelines in terms of but not excluding account security, quick payouts, rate audits and advertising methods. If a casino is eCOGR certified, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. 

Live Casino Development

Live casinos are young in terms of the online gaming industry. Online casinos have been around since the 90s, whereas live casinos of note came about in around 2007. 

The development of live Casinos wasn’t possible without the quick expansion of broadband. Now it is even possible to play remotely off your smart phone on a train. 

Then future holds something very promising too! The rise of 3D gaming is nigh and will soon take over many living rooms. We also expect the live game variety to increase drastically, so stick around and watch this space! 

Go and have fun at the table!

What we can see is that live casino games are going to revolutionise the way we play. They will overrule online casino games, and bring you a new world of fun. We encourage you to try out the cool live games we suggest and see for yourself what we mean. Make sure to select one of our rated partners, because then you are assured quality, safety and security! 

Also visit our favourite dealer section where we have chosen a few dealers who we think you should try out!