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Development of games and software for casino operators is entrusted to third party companies, much like the games in street casinos.  The same is true of Live Casino operators; where the number of companies who have the technology and knowledge is even less. These third party companies make all the difference to the type of gaming experience that a player has. That is what makes it so important to know who your software providers are. MrLive reviewed them one by one, to make sure you don't miss out on any important information.

Choosing the right software providers is almost more important than choosing which casino you are going to play at. The software will determine your dealer, your graphic quality, and the overall feel of the live casino games you're going to play. Our individual reviews therefore give you a very good overview and insight into the features of each live casino. We encourage you to have a think about  what kind of experience you are looking for and then decide on which software providers you want to seek out. 

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    The two largest players in the RNG online casino world are  Microgaming and Playtech. However, in the live casino world they are less prominent, and the spotlight is enjoyed by Evolution Gaming. Unfortunately there are no games of theirs available in current US rooms. We hope that in the future there will be some collaboration between Evolution Gaming and one of the US Live Casinos.Below are some of Evolution Gaming's impressive features:Evolution Gaming

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    Micro gaming is also an impressive giant, that we need to list as second. Even though they don't specialise in live casino they are still very strong in this field. Microgaming offer:Microgaming

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    Net Entertainment is next on the list. The reason for this is simple, their games and dealers look and play the best. NetEnt features:Netent

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    Last but not least, Playtech! We have not yet reviewed all live casino software operators. We have chosen the best, and made a simple and clear overview for you. Playtech have some really cool features and are definitely worth a place in the top 5.


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    For the pros among us, the software consists of multiple simultaneous play options, so you can sit down at more tables, and win even bigger. Others like the sexy dealers and better interfaces. There is a choice for everybody, just make sure you read the full review!