October 19, 2015


Live Casino with Paypal


You would be hard pressed to find a modern day individual who’s never heard of Paypal Holdings Inc. – or simply Paypal. It’s one of the most – if not the most – well known and widely used online money transfer systems in the world today. After Paypal Holdings launched back in 1998, it wasn’t long before it was offered on the stock market. By 2002, it was publicly offered on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange and later that year, was acquired by the internet giant eBay. Today, Paypal is a standalone corporation leading no less than five subsidiaries of its own and its latest reported annual revenue was a whopping $8 billion. Paypal’s money transferring service is used by an approximate 173 million customers worldwide. It is truly a global money transferring titan. This makes the service extremely popular among both online casino operators and gamers. The live dealer casinos online not offering Paypal as a banking option are really few and far between. What stands out most when using Paypal is that the service offers users the facility of concealing their sensitive banking details from any online store or service provider, and this includes live dealer casinos.

How Paypal works

You don’t have to be overly computer savvy to affect deposits and make withdrawals at live dealer casinos using Paypal. First and foremost, you’d need to register a Paypal account online, through Paypal’s official website. This will not take much of your time and is only required of you once. Once you’ve registered an account – or if you already use a Paypal account – you’d need to ensure it’s topped up with funds. If it’s not, you’d have to affect a deposit into your Paypal account. Once you’ve ensured that your Paypal account is sufficiently topped up, log into the live dealer casino of your choice, select the ‘banking’, ‘banker’ or ‘payment’ tab, and select Paypal from the list of banking options. This should prompt the appearance of a pop-up window displaying a login facility through which you would enter your Paypal account details. The following step requires you to use your Paypal account to make a deposit into your online live dealer casino account. All you have to do at this point is indicate the amount you wish to deposit into your casino account, and that’s that. You will then receive a message from the casino informing you of a successful deposit. Making withdrawals using Paypal is not difficult either. From the ‘banking’, ‘banker’ or ‘payment’ tab on the live dealer casino’s website, select the ‘withdrawal’ option and subsequently select Paypal. You will then be required to enter your Paypal account details, as well as your desired withdrawal amount. The last step requires you to approve of your withdrawal and hey presto. It’s child’s play really. Players should note that different live dealer casinos would impose different deposit and withdrawal limits. It is always sensible for players to inquire about such details prior to making deposits with the casino of their choice. Charges are also something to look out for. Different live dealer online casinos impose different payment charges. Some would absorb charges for deposits and withdrawals over and above a certain amount, yet others would offer a charge-free service due to an exclusive arrangement they would hold with Paypal.

Transfer times

Paypal is not only quick in terms of registering an account, affecting deposits and making withdrawals. It is also quick in terms of the relative time it takes to process transactions. Deposits via Paypal should take place instantaneously, having the depositor playing at his/her favourite live dealer casino in no time at all. Withdrawals naturally take longer to actualise in one’s Paypal account, but should take no longer than two business days to do so. In comparison to other payment methods used to bank with online casinos, this is considered a very advantageous withdrawal processing speed.

Customer support

Paypal is no slacker when it comes to customer service. This may be a little surprising when considering the company’s colossal scope, but let’s face it, companies just don’t get to enjoy such market share without looking after their clients. Paypal’s official website lists all of the available avenues for launching customer complaints and making queries. These include international telephone lines and customer support email addresses. Customer support staff are available to respond to clients’ queries for 18 hours a day on weekdays and sixteen hours a day on weekends. Paypal also prioritises existing customers through the provision of a passcode obtainable by entering one’s Paypal account details into the fields provided in the ‘Contact Paypal’ option on the company’s official site. This passcode would serve to speed up the customer service for its user.

Closing remarks

We at mrlive.com recommend Paypal for use at live dealer online casinos unreservedly. It’s as swift and convenient a payment method as any and with its facility to conceal one’s sensitive bank details, it’s one of the safest banking options out there. Seeing as it’s one of the most widely used online money transferring services in the world, players using Paypal would have no problem finding a casino to suit them. And when players have a wide range of casinos to choose from, they also tend to get a wide range of favourable bonus options tied to their preferred payment method. So if you’ve got a Paypal account, don’t hesitate to use it to play at live dealer online casinos. If not, go ahead and register; you won’t regret it.