January 15, 2016

Playboy Live Dealers

Playboy Bunnies Bring Sexy Online

Playboy Live Dealers are going to take you by storm! You may hear countless arguments about the feel for a real casino that is absent from online gaming, and live gaming has done a lot to bring the live casino to your desktop. With real dealers, live games on real equipment, which you can play in real time in a real casino while streaming the video footage in real time, leave you feeling just as if you were right there in the room where the game is being played. But a few people out there will tell you that brick and mortar casinos are sexy, they have suave, and style. Well I’ll tell you what, you don the best DJ suit you own, prepare your whisky and cigar, and dim your study lights, because you are about to experience sexy casinos of a whole new dimension.

Playboy Live Dealers are Sizzling

Playboy Live Dealers are precisely what you think they are. Thanks to Microgaming, you now have the option to play in playboy-themed casinos. This would have meant nothing out of the ordinary if you weren’t playing live, but let me tell you, you are playing live, those dealers are real flesh and blood women, and more specifically, they are real bunnies. If you want to chat to them (as your dealers only of course), then go ahead and ask anything you need to ask about your game. Playboy Live Dealers go the extra mile to give you the suave, sexy and sophisticated casino experience you crave. Play in style knowing that you probably would have to travel far and wide to get to a casino where Playboy Live Dealers are a thing!

So what should I expect to find?

You should expect to find your normal favourite casino games, except that your dealer is not suited and booted, but rather donning the bunny ears matching the famous tight corset, collar, bow-tie, cuffs, cufflinks, white fluffy tail, leotard, dark stockings, and heels that will make you look small. Take a sneak peak at them getting ready for your next session here:

What games are available with Playboy Live Dealers?

Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat can all be played in live Playboy format. You can expect nothing different from the live Blackjack, live Roulette or live Baccarat that you’re used to playing, except that your dealer will make your heart race if you’re that way inclined, and the tables and the rest of the decor have taken a bit of a Playboy redecorating. Other than looking like you were playing at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, nothing else has changed, and your favourite games are still your favourite games, albeit with a slight improvement if that’s the way your bread is buttered, but then again you wouldn’t still be reading this if it weren’t!


On Microgaming’s Playboy Live Dealer casinos, you can play on multiple tables, so if you can’t get enough of your Playboy Live Dealer, you can always have two or three of them at one go! On Blackjack, you can use the Blackjack Bet Behind dealer, which is great because in this instance, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a seat at a Playboy Live Dealer table! But if your game of choice is either Playboy Live Dealer Baccarat or Playboy Live Dealer Roulette, then you will always find a place as once a table is full, new tables will open! Also, Playboy Live Dealer Baccarat and Playboy Live Dealer Roulette can be played as a single player or multiplayer game.

Where can I play with Playboy Live Dealers?

MrLive has a list of casinos that offer Live Gaming. We have checked them out for you so our briefing will help you decide where you want to play. You can go to any casino that offers live gaming on a Microgaming platform and chances are that they will offer Playboy Live Dealers. If you’re not entirely sure whether your casino offers Playboy Live Dealers, then a quick browse on the casino’s website is all it would take to figure it out. Remember that Microgaming platforms usually are playable on mobile, and on most operating systems. A quick check on the casino site will soon let you know whether you can play on yours, and whether or not that casino offers software for download, or whether you can play straight through the browser. There are a lot of choices out there so do your homework and make an informed choice, or let MrLive do it for you!


It is no secret that the hype around the Playboy Live Dealers is that they look fantastic, but don’t worry if you’re not into that kind of thing. Playboy in itself is a huge brand that stands alone, and there are many people who are not necessarily fans of the bunnies, but who are huge fans of the brand, so this Playboy Live Dealer gaming could really offer something for everyone who is into Live Online Gaming. Apart from that, it’s a Microgaming venture, so you can be sure that you are playing at a professional, safe, and secure live online platform, designed and run by one of the biggest brands in the market.