October 29, 2015

Provider: Playtech

Live Casino Software Provider: Playtech

In the world of online casino software, Playtech is as big as they come. They not only supply  online casinos, but all different kinds of betting companies. From bingo to sports betting, they deliver gaming solutions.

Playtech wasn’t the first supplier of online gaming software. The company was founded in 1999, which was more than five years after other big players in casino software opened their doors. It still managed to take over the market and grow steadily over the past one and a half decade. It’s been seven years since Playtech was  included in the London stock exchange, where they estimated the company to be worth approximately £550  million, which is a lot even in the live casino world. It was also the software supplier for the first European brick and mortar casino to open an online casino. Playtech have been on top of their game, and seem to truly put meaning behind their slogan ‘source to success’.

Playtech sees the game from the perspective of the players. They try to make online gaming as easy and accessible as possible. People don’t want to log in again when switching games or platforms, so Playtech lets them play with a single login. They offer over 500 casino games. They also release around four games per month.

Playtech Live Casino

Playtech specialises in poker software. They offer a poker game through iPoker, which is one of the biggest poker networks on the net. Their software does not just serve English speaking players, but offers poker in all types of languages, and all types of currencies. Another strong point in the Playtech poker software is the way in which you can customize your poker table to your own needs. Do you want high or low stakes? Which kind of poker game do you prefer? How about the buy-ins? There are a lot of options available. Since their poker network is accessible all over the world, sometimes more than 35.000 players play online at the same time. Because of this vast number, Playtech can offer online tournaments (sometimes even land-based) on a regular basis. The prize money is over €10 million a month, guaranteed. This makes live online poker very attractive to play via Playtech, since it’s so dynamic and rewarding.

Behind Playtech’s success is their cross-platform management system. This system is called IMS which stands for information management solution. IMS centralises games, operations and systems into one open platform, which makes it possible for players to switch to different games from different parties with no effort. The IMS saves gamblers’ gaming history, chats and preferences to keep them loyal and maximise their playing comfort.

Playtech also ensure the safety of their players’ personal information and playing history. They also consult online casinos on  the best methods of payment for their customers. Playtech offers over 50 methods of payment, and their banking is extremely safe. They have systems that detect fraudulent behaviour. In this way every player has an equal and honest chance at winning.

Playtech  makes sure that the viewing quality of the live casino games is in the highest definition, by using the best cameras available and the fastest streaming. They offer casino classics such as live blackjack and live roulette, but also new games as double screen roulette and casino hold’em. For the high rollers, exclusive VIP rooms are available where they can place high bets. Playtech doesn’t offer their high variety of games in several languages. Their dealers are all native speakers of each.

With all these guarantees and high-quality software, Playtech is one of the most prominent suppliers of gambling software on the market. You as a poker player will definitely come across Playtech software at some point. The reputation of Playtech made them the supplier of choice by various highly trustable casinos in the UK, Australia and Canada. Their success even earned them the 2010 AIM international Company of the Year award. This is an important award to have for a company, and recognises their quality. So enjoy playing at their tables!