October 19, 2015


Live Casinos and Visa


It seems unimaginable to encounter anyone these days that has never heard of Visa, regardless of where they’re from. Visa Inc. is an American multinational financial services company that offers an extensive range of card services around the world, with a reach that spans the vast majority of countries. Visa does not actually supply users with its cards directly. What it does is license third parties that issue a range of cards under the Visa brand name. To provide some context with regards to the extent of Visa’s clout and market share, the company is not a stranger to annual revenues exceeding the $10 billion mark and is operational in the whole of Europe, North, Central and South America, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, India, South-East Asia and Australia. Visa Inc. was established in 1958 and has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2008.

Visa is an extremely popular banking option with live dealer online casinos too. Not only is it simply unfeasible for casinos to give Visa the cold shoulder because of the extent of its use among their client base, but it also offers a quick and hassle free way for the exchange of money between gamers and casinos.

The Visa Range

When one thinks Visa, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a credit card. But Visa offer a range of cards, each with a different purpose and function. All could be used at online casinos; so let’s go through the range.

Inevitably, we’ll start with Visa’s illustrious credit card. This is the most accepted Visa product of the range at live dealer online casinos. This is because you’d be hard pressed to find a quicker and more convenient way to top up an online casino account. It’s also because of the scope of the card, meaning that in many countries you’d also be hard pressed to find a wallet void of a visa credit card. Like any other credit card, players are extended a pre-determined line of credit which they may use as they desire. Transactions using Visa credit cards are safe and secure, owing to the stringent security measures adopted by any reputable live dealer online casino.

Secondly, there’s the Visa debit card. This is nearly as popular as its credit counterpart at live dealer online casinos, and comes with added security in terms of offering no line of credit. Overspending has been known to be a problem for some players at online casinos and the facility of having a limit imposed through one’s card is a benefit for some as it allows users to set a limited bankroll.

The alternative Visa cards available are the pre-paid Visa card and the Visa gift card. These are similar, if not identical, in function with the only difference being that the pre-paid card is normally topped up with funds by the user, while the gift card is normally gifted to a third party. Here too, users may set a predetermined bankroll by depositing funds into their pre-paid card and using that specifically for online casino gaming. It’s a safety play.

Most Visa casinos online would allow withdrawals through the use of Visa credit cards. However, the number of casinos doing the same when it comes to Visa debit cards is much smaller and falls to nil when it comes to pre-paid cards. Always enquire as to your withdrawal possibilities prior to making a deposit into a live dealer casino account.

How Visa works

Regardless of which of the above Visa cards you use to bank with live dealer online casinos, the procedure by which to do so is fairly simple. On your chosen casino’s official website, click on the ‘banking’ or ‘payments’ tab and select the ‘Visa’ option. You would then be required to enter the details pertaining to your card. These would include the cardholder’s name, the card number on the face of the card, the CVV security number, and so forth. It is then simply a matter of specifying the amount you wish to deposit into your live dealer casino account and waiting – for a minute or so – for a message confirming the success of your deposit. Withdrawing using Visa is not a complex affair either. One would however have to enquire about the possibility of cashing out using Visa. Some casinos only allow deposits using the card, while others allow any kind of transaction. It is also recommended that users enquire about any fees involved prior to making a deposit using a Visa card. For the credit card, the standard fees would apply, but some casino tend to charge additional fees over and above the bank’s. Many of those who do however, will waive these additional fees if the transaction in question is of a certain predetermined amount or higher. Always make such inquiries at live dealer online casinos before affecting a deposit.

Visa’s quick!

If slow transaction and transfer times are a massive headache for you, then Visa’s the way forward. It’s one of the quickest methods of banking available at online casinos. Deposits are instantaneous, showing up in a user’s casino account within minutes. Withdrawals, just as they do with any other payment method, take longer and may be processed entirely in up to 5 business days, depending on a number of factors, including one’s country of residence.

Visa users are taken care of.

Visa provides customer support through its global customer assistance services, which clients may contact by means of toll-free numbers specifically set up for 126 different countries. Visa Europe provides a separate customer assistance eservice that includes not only toll-free numbers, but also several web pages dedicated to supporting clients with specific difficulties, as well as a 24-hour e-mail support service. However, since as was said earlier, Visa does not supply people with its cards directly, it is always advisable for users with a question or issue pertaining to their card – or a transaction they may have affected – to go to the institution that would have issued their particular Visa card for assistance.

Visa comes with many bonuses.

Visa’s popularity with online casinos makes it tie in with several bonuses and promotions offered by many live dealer online casinos. Always check the bonuses on offer at any potential casino you’re looking into, as these may serve to boost your bankroll significantly. Check the fine print associated with the bonuses on offer though; there are many casinos that will throw in a disclaimer on a 100% welcome bonus stating that any bonus money is not utilisable when playing live dealer games.


Visa’s recommendable on all counts. There’s the popularity factor at play, which makes it available as a banking option at most live dealer online casinos. This, in turn, makes its use tied to many bonuses and promotions. The credit card option is favourable for high rollers, as it comes with high limit ceilings while the debit card option is well adapted for the cautious player that seeks a limit on his/her spending power. The gift card and pre-paid card are even safer in this regard, allowing the user to set a separate bankroll altogether and manage his/her funds more meticulously. Visa’s easy to use and comparatively quick too, so there’s really no grounds on which to discount the brand as a banking option at live dealer online casinos.